Get Everything Back: How To Recover Deleted Files On Your Computer or Smartphone

Don’t rush to get upset, there is a way out!

If you often take pictures or write interesting posts directly from your phone, it is useful to know how to recover information if it is accidentally lost. And on the computer, you might accidentally click something and your almost-finished paper is gone.

It is very annoying to lose a file you have been working on for hours. So here are a few ways to recover what is lost on different media.


The easiest and most reliable way to “resurrect” lost is to reassure yourself and prevent accidental deletion. If you do not want to lose your precious files and then recover them by super complicated ways, download the free application “Dumpster”. It saves all accidentally deleted information. To get everything back, all you have to do is open the app, select the files you want and – voila – they’ll be back in your phone.

By the way, the format of the files does not matter at all. “Trash will easily save and restore everything: old photos, notes and even apps.


If you haven’t got a magic app yet, and your files are already deleted, you can’t do without a laptop. Connect to your computer with a cable, and when the “connect as” box appears on your phone, click on “connect to USB drive.”

Now you need to install a good file recovery program on your computer. A great option is the program Recuva. First, it’s free, and second, it’s easy to use. You only need to set the format of the lost file, and then the program itself will analyze and display a list of files that can be recovered.

When you find the file you need, check it in green and wait. When the program finishes the recovery, you will be able to transfer the information back to your phone.

How to recover files on your iPhone or iPad


You don’t even need to download a special program to get everything back. That’s what Apple created iTunes for. But remember: in order to restore something, you must first create a copy of all the files on your computer.

To do this, connect your device to your computer and run iTunes. Once your phone or iPad is recognized, click the “Create Copy” button. Once the computer does the copying, you can breathe. Now you’re not afraid of any anomalies – by opening the program and clicking “restore from copy,” you’ll easily get your deleted file back.


Another option to solve the problem is to use a cloud data storage service. It will automatically create a copy of all your files. All you need to do is go into the settings and activate this function in the “Storage and copies” tab.

When the file you want is gone from your phone, download the cloud storage and sign in to your account. It’s simple: go to settings and select “more”. In the “Restore files” tab you’ll find even those documents you deleted a month ago, and with one click you can get them back on your phone.


And again – if you didn’t have time to make backups, you can still recover files with a computer program. There are, of course, a great many of these, but the coolest and most effective for working with Apple devices is Coolmuster Data Recovery.

Download the program and connect your phone to your computer. Then select the drive from which a file is missing and the type of the file – photo, text document or audio. After scanning, the program will give you a list of found documents – choose the necessary ones and press “Recover” button.

How to recover files from your computer


The easiest and surest way is to look in the “Recycle Bin”. If you’ve accidentally erased a file, that’s probably where it went. To restore a document, you just need to click on the trash icon on your desktop and find the files you want. Now just highlight them and right-click on them, select “restore” in the menu that appears.


You can also get the file back to your computer after cleaning the “Recycle Bin”, if you have backups enabled on your computer. You just need to remember the last time you used the file. Next, proceed as follows. First, open the menu and type “Backup Options” in the search box. In that window, go to the “Archive Service” tab and then to “Backup and Restore”. A window will open where you will see all the available copies of the files with their creation date. Determine which one you need and restore it.


If you have not managed to restore your data using the methods described above, you can rely on additional programs. Don’t worry, thanks to them you will most likely get everything back. A popular file recovery software is Hetman Recovery. With this program, you can recover data from your computer’s hard drives as well as portable drives or flash drives completely free of charge.

Open the program and select the disk from which the file is missing. Then click “Recovery”. After the deleted files are found, the program will give you a list. Click on the desired file and you’re done.

Hopefully, this list will help you recover all your lost files. In any case – do not panic and do not get hysterical if the file cannot be recovered. You can always re-shoot, re-write, or take a new photo. You might even get a better one.