How to choose the best cannabis product for your needs

Have you ever thought about trying cannabis?

About 48 million Americans regularly use cannabis each year. Many people think that cannabis is only for young people. However, as we get older, many of us may look for a substitute for our medication that may no longer work.

Have you been reading a lot about cannabis and want to try it, but not sure which weed product to use? Do not worry; we are here to help. Read on to find our favorite hemp products.

How to choose a weed product?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to have the perfect weed experience. Many people are overwhelmed by the legal cannabis options found in dispensaries.

This is because you quickly find too many products and can stress about choosing the right one if you are not familiar with cannabis and how it works.

Preliminary questions

There are many options such as THC oils, hemp infused edibles, flowers and concentrates. The first step in finding the right THC product is to ask yourself some personal questions.

These initial questions should help you test different products to see if there are any options to avoid. For example, start by asking yourself how much experience you have with cannabis.

Do you worry about many things related to smoking? Do you want to smoke weed by yourself or with others? These questions are necessary because some products are better than others.

You may want to avoid THC concentrates with potency levels over 90% if you are new to cannabis.

Otherwise, you may be too high to function and not feel well from using too much cannabis. Newbies should always start with low-THC cannabis products or low-dose edibles to avoid getting too high.

Consumption methods

It’s also worth considering how you will consume your THC product. This is because smoking weed is not something that everyone prefers. Some people prefer to eat foods instead of stuffing their lungs.

So using cannabis can feel like a personal experience where you choose the product and consumption method that works best for you. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have social gatherings for fun.

Food and hemp seltzer can pair perfectly with a group of friends. Especially if you don’t want to smoke because of breathing problems. THC concentrates also require an inhaler or pen.

This may involve some experimentation with adding them to the dry herbs that can be used. Check out this incredible resource for Dry Herb Cannabis Vaping to up your weed game.

Hemp flowers are great for smoking in a pipe. You can also roll them into joints to make them look like cigarettes. Otherwise, you can eat foods that do not require anything else.

All you have to do is eat or drink them. So always think about the different ways to use cannabis.

Then you need to ask yourself which method best suits your needs. This should help you narrow down the many hemp products to find the ones you like best.

Think effects

Magic effects are one of the most overlooked aspects of getting the best weed experience. This depends on the terpene and cannabinoid content of the product.

Different strains and types of THC products are made using different methods. Therefore, they also produce different effects. You may feel more “high” with one type of smoke and not as high with another.

Always think about how you want to feel when using cannabis. Ask yourself about the therapeutic effects you want to benefit from.

Remember that different strains can make you feel creative, euphoric, relaxed, energetic, and outgoing.

Terpene profiles

Even if you buy cured flower, each strain will have its own unique terpene and cannabinoid profile. This is an essential factor in having the best experience, especially since you can predict the effects of products before you buy and consume them.

Remember to always look at THC percentages for different products and strains. You should also research the other cannabinoids in the product.

A strain with a lot of CBD or cannabidiol is less likely to give you the paranoia that high THC can cause. Likewise, it would help if you also researched the terpene predominance of your favorite strains.

For example, some strains may make you feel drowsier than others. You can also use a strain that makes you feel hungrier than usual.

Always think about the effects you want to get from your cannabis product. This is where having a great ballerina comes in.

The next time you step into a dispensary, you should ask the staff members for recommendations and advice to help you find the right strain.


There are many innovative cannabis products on the market. However, most people like to keep it simple by smoking some good old fashioned bud with friends. Flowers are the smoking parts of the cannabis plant.

The plant is cultivated and cured before reaching the dispensary to provide you with the best flowers ready for consumption. Because smoking flowers are so popular, you can find different types at most dispensaries.

This is great because the more options you have, the more likely you are to find the perfect strain that makes you fall in love with cannabis. Hemp flower is also one of the most affordable hemp products.

If you are on a tight budget, you may choose to roll some buds instead of spending big bucks on vape products. Flowers also have high bioavailability.

This means that a higher percentage of cannabinoids enter your system than other cannabis products. Because smoking allows the cannabinoids to pass through the lungs directly into your bloodstream, you can expect to get high right away.

However, you should always budget for a smoking device or at least a few rolls. Some of the best options are pipes and bongs if you want to use cannabis flowers.

It’s also worth noting that flower consumers should be careful about dosage amounts. Since there is no standard dosage structure for marijuana flowers, you must be careful not to overdose on the product.


Concentrates are created when you remove impurities and excess plant material from the hemp plant. Then you leave out the most desirable plant compounds, especially terpenes and cannabinoids.

This is due to the fact that all other unnecessary substances are removed. This is why concentrates have significantly higher amounts of cannabinoids and hemp terpenes than flowers.

The best way to use concentrates is to sprinkle some kief in the sprout bowl. This will help increase the power when you use flowers. Otherwise, you can also use a tabletop vaporizer.

This will help you evaporate the concentrate. Alternatively, you can also evaporate the concentrate using a concentrator. This involves heating the ceramic or glass nail before applying the concentrate directly to your hot surface.

So you can get instant vapor that can be consumed. The concentrates are very potent, so you need to use less to feel the effects. They also have a fast start, so you need to ramp up quickly.


Edibles are foods and drinks that are infused with cannabis. They can be made with cannabis concentrate or flowers. You can get edible food in any shape or form.

For example, hemp edibles include chocolate bars, popcorn, cooking oils, beverages, baked goods, and chewing gum. Edibles are easy to use, especially if you are a non-smoker.

You should eat the product as you would any other snack. They don’t need to be inspired, nor do you need to invest in any tools. Edibles are also produced in precise proportions.

So you know exactly how much THC or CBD you’re getting. You can then comfortably control your experience without over-consuming it.

However, you may not feel the effects of edibles as quickly because they are absorbed through the digestive tract instead of entering your bloodstream directly.


Tinctures are herbal solutions produced by steeping the plant in alcohol. The most common way to use the tincture is under the tongue. Cannabis compounds are absorbed into the body through blood vessels.

So any cannabinoids that aren’t absorbed through those blood vessels may instead pass through your digestive tract. Here they are absorbed in the same way as edible ones. Tinctures also have a precise dose.

So you can always control your experience and consume the product safely.

You can mix your tincture with food and drink if you don’t like the taste. However, this will delay the experience as the cannabinoids enter your system as you eat food instead of smoking.

Find the best THC products today!

Now that you know how to choose the best weed products, it’s time to shop for the right strains.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to choosing the best product. The right product for your needs will depend on your budget, tolerance level, and the experience you want after consumption.

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