How many calories are in your favorite Easter eggs and how long will it take you to burn them off?

It’s that time of year again, when that bittersweet weekend beckons and families prepare for the annual reunion.

Easter can be a tricky time if you’re trying to lose weight. It can be even trickier if well-meaning family and friends give your kids a pile of chocolate eggs and bunnies, and you don’t want the kids to eat them all, so you take one for the team. But how many calories did you just eat?

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Do I really need to know?

Why are you doing this to me, you might also ask, because it’s best to ignore the hidden calories in our favorite weekend treats. We’ll argue we’ve got your back. There are smarter choices, even when it comes to the humble poached egg, and we’ve rounded up ten of Australia’s most popular eggs and neat dishes to help guide your choices this weekend.

Also, the good news is that the next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge kicks off on April 25 and is the theme SUGAR DETOX. So if you’re overdoing your Easter eggs, we’ve got your back and will help you remove the whites.

Check out the calories in this Easter egg and how long it takes to burn them off.

We based our statistics on a 35-year-old woman who is 170 cm tall and weighs 65 kg. Thanks to Calorie King.


Let’s face it, Cadbury’s solid Easter egg is a treasure hunt staple and will be in backyards across Austria this weekend. A bag of treats contains 40 eggs per package, with 123 calories per serving (about 8 small 3-gram eggs). Or 615 calories if you use the whole package. This is at least a 10 minute run around the block for 8 mini eggs.

CADBURI caramel eggs – 150 g

The Cadbury Caramilk Gift Box is filled with delicious Caramelized White Chocolate Hollow Easter Eggs and Caramelized White Chocolate Mini Eggs. A puzzle…but wait! The serving size guide suggests 6 eggs, but let’s assume you eat the whole thing. And that’s a whopping 839 calories and 84.6g of sugar. It’s safe to say that this option is not for the faint of heart. You would be ready to walk for 240 minutes.

CADBURY’S CRÈME EGG Easter egg — 39g

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With that creamy center and crispy outer shell, who doesn’t love a Cadbury Crème Egg? But it’s because of that dark center that the custard egg is still high in calories. Each creme egg has 172 calories, and we up the stakes to 20 minutes
run or walk for 48 minutes to burn off.


Which Easter eggs should you choose?
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Ah, the golden rabbit, the holy grail of chocolates! She is beautiful, but don’t be fooled. He’ll cost you 543 calories and almost an hour on the treadmill. You’ll also be looking at consuming 33g of fat, which is almost 20 percent more than the recommended daily intake of saturated fat.


Hollow tends to give us a bit of a false sense of security when counting calories. We like to think we’ve saved all the calories that “could” have been in the egg if it had been hard-boiled. However, you should look at the number of grams you consume as a general rule. This deliciously hollow option will still net you 573 calories and cost you 160 minutes of walking or 66 minutes of running.


Aldi has built a solid reputation for its quality chocolate range, and the Easter selections are no exception. But beware. This 150g egg contains 743 calories and almost 3 times the World Health Organization’s recommended daily intake of sugar. Turn up the speed on that treadmill if you don’t want to be there half the day.


We’re looking at 535 calories and about 60g of sugar for these little beauties. There is no need to contemplate the sugar high that takes our kids days. To burn off any of that, you’d need to do 62 minutes of running, 45 minutes of swimming, 83 minutes of cycling, or
151 minutes of walking! Time to book some rides for that public holiday Monday.


Who can resist a nice Forrero Rocher? One serving of these beauties has 74 calories, but let’s face it, who only has one? 3 of those are 222 calories, and if you really can’t stop, you should have 370 calories for five. And for those lacking willpower, an entire 16-pack is 1,184 calories. Skipping or rowing for about 80 minutes non-stop can help burn that off.


ALDI is under the microscope again with a popular version of the golden bunny, the dark chocolate range, to see if we can cut back on the sugar. A bunny will set you back 554 calories and less sugar than a Cadbury milk chocolate
egg substitute – 20 g. So it’s safe to say as long as you’re low on sugar, you’re going to have a long way to go.


Not quite Lindt status, but still a solid competitor. The Darrell Lea Milk Choc Nougat Egg was created in the 1950s, so it’s been a crowd pleaser for a long time. But if you eat the whole egg by itself, you’re looking at 660 calories and 84g of sugar. Yeeks. This translates into an hour of swimming, over 60 minutes of running, or 45 minutes of rowing to burn this bad boy off.

So what do we choose?

Small hard poached eggs are obviously small and calorie consumption is up to you. You can divide yourself into one egg, take out the minimum amount of chocolate and calories from these options and cook with it. But will you be satisfied? The real challenge is narrowing it down to one or two. Dark chocolate has less sugar but not necessarily calories.

Creme eggs stand out as a good option. You may be surprised by this choice because the calorie content is not that low. But I bet if you buy just one egg and eat that egg, you’ll actually burn fewer calories than buying a packet of small Easter eggs. If you buy a pack of small Easter eggs and your willpower is not that strong, you can use fifteen eggs at about 45 calories each, which equals 675. It’s always #worth it. And you can save the rest of your calories for a few holiday cocktails that will no doubt be necessary.

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