How dollar exchange rates have changed for 10 major travel destinations

Are you ready to see the world? If you’re one of the thousands who have been bitten by the travel bug, you know that the industry has seen a huge boom as many countries have lifted COVID-19 restrictions. Data from the TSA checkpoint showed that the number of passengers at US airports in 2022 was 30% higher than in 2021.

International travel is back in full swing after borders reopened and quarantine restrictions eased. But before you pack your bags and get your passport stamped, you need to know all the basics of the country you’re visiting, including the language, currency and exchange rate for the US dollar.

TravelPerk compared how the US dollar strengthened or weakened against the local currencies of the top 10 travel destinations using data from Google Finance. Exchange rates were compared between December 28, 2021 and December 28, 2022. The destinations on this list were selected after analyzing data from the US National Travel and Tourism Office on the most popular countries visited by American travelers.

Fortunately for budget travelers, the US dollar has strengthened against the currency of many of the popular tourist destinations on this list. However, the dollar weakened against several warm-weather destinations in neighboring Central America and the Caribbean.

Armed with exchange rate information, you can better budget for the food, drink, and entertainment you’re sure to buy at your destination. In some countries, your savings may take longer than you expected, while others may require you to budget more than you originally anticipated.

Two people exchange dollars for euros.

euro zone

  • USD rate, December 2021: EUR 0.88
  • USD value, December 2022: 0.94
  • Annual change: 6.8%

Twenty eurozone countries accept the euro, making it a particularly versatile currency for travelers. Whether you want to eat waffles in Belgium, sip champagne atop France’s Eiffel Tower, or tour Italy’s cathedrals, having plenty of euros in your pocket is essential for your European vacation.

The value of the euro against the US dollar has seen some volatility over the past 10 years, but this has mostly worked in favor of Americans. Where you used to need about $1.50 to equal 1 euro, the two currencies are now much closer to a 1-1 ratio.

Assorted cash pile of dollars and mexican peso bills.


  • USD rate, December 2021: 20.66 Mexican pesos
  • USD rate, December 2022: 19.44
  • YoY Change: -5.9%

When you think of traveling to Mexico, your first thought might be all the resorts on the pristine beaches. But the country has much more to offer travelers. History lovers can admire the pyramids of Chichen Itza. Foodies can try different street tacos from vendors in Mexico City; and beach lovers can soak up the sun on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Mexico is a fairly affordable trip for US visitors due to its proximity and the value of the Mexican peso against the dollar. While you may be getting fewer pesos for your dollar than last year, you can still expect your money to stretch.

A young man smiles as he counts Canadian dollars in the city.


  • USD value, December 2021: 1.28 Canadian dollars
  • USD value, December 2022: 1.36
  • Annual change: 6.3%

The Great White North also uses the dollar for its currency, the value of which has recently changed in favor of US travelers. This will be welcome news for outdoor enthusiasts ready to embrace Canada’s stunning landscapes.

More than cold weather and donuts, this vast country is home to stunning mountains and waterfalls, ski resorts, museums and more. Stroll the 400-year-old cobblestone streets of Old Quebec, take a culinary tour of cities like Toronto and Vancouver, or see the other side of the famous Niagara Falls.

A pound coin sitting on top of a dollar bill.

The United Kingdom

  • USD value, December 2021: 0.74 British pounds
  • USD value, December 2022: 0.83
  • Year-over-year change: 12.2%

When the United Kingdom left the European Union, the value of the British pound fell significantly. While not without ramifications in the world of international finance, the upside is that US travelers can stretch their dollars further than before.

The UK has no shortage of tourist attractions to tempt travellers, such as London’s world-class museums and country castles. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland offer unique stories and landscapes.

A cashier counts a Dominican Republic 500 peso bill.

Dominican Republic

  • USD rate, December 2021: 57.05 Dominican pesos
  • USD value, December 2022: 56.05
  • Year-on-year change: -1.8%

If you’re looking for a trip that will give you great bang for your buck, look no further than the Dominican Republic. One US dollar can get you quite a few Dominican pesos, although the exchange rate has fallen slightly over the past year.

This island nation is an ideal destination for adventure seekers and beach bums. Those who prefer a little adrenaline can go rafting or paragliding in Jarabacoa, while those who want to lie on the beach next to the crystal blue water can visit the resorts of Punta Cana. The Dominican Republic is just a short flight from the US and boasts cheap eats and a favorable exchange rate.

A woman buys a drink from a corner store in Jamaica.


  • USD rate, December 2021: 153.52 Jamaican dollars
  • USD value, December 2022: 153.07
  • Year-on-year change: -0.3%

Jamaica is another great island destination for travelers trying to stretch their dollars as far as possible. While the US dollar has weakened in many warm-weather destinations over the past year, it has remained fairly stable against the Jamaican dollar.

Like other Caribbean islands, Jamaica is a true paradise for travelers looking for lush rainforests, stunning beaches or mountain hikes. You can zipline through the forest, climb the Blue Mountains, or sip a fruity drink on the beach at an all-inclusive resort. Don’t forget that Jamaican food is also popular, whether you prefer curry or fresh seafood.

A man hands over Chinese yuan over the counter.


  • USD value, December 2021: 6.37 Chinese yuan
  • USD value, December 2022: 6.98
  • Annual change: 9.6%

China can be difficult for Americans, requiring a special entry visa and multiple connecting flights. Still, it’s a bucket list destination for many for a reason. The country’s rich culture, delicious food, stunning scenery and fascinating history make it a great destination for travelers.

From the Great Wall to the Forbidden City in Beijing or the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, there is no shortage of famous sights to soak up while traveling in this vast country. Plus, your dollar can get you quite a bit of Chinese yuan, and the exchange rate has strengthened in the last year.

At a customer paying for food with a Japanese yen note at the market.


  • USD value, December 2021: 114.77 Japanese yen
  • USD value, December 2022: 134.39
  • Annual change: 17.1%

The US dollar has strengthened steadily against the Japanese yen over the past few years, meaning now is a better time than ever to visit this island nation.

Take the train to Tokyo to see the tower, museums, temples and vibrant cityscape. WWII buffs can check out the Hiroshima memorials, while foodies can fill up on sushi, ramen and curry. Japan also boasts some of the world’s most famous theme parks, the most beautiful beaches, and a rich culture; there is something for everyone on a trip to this country.

A hand takes out Indian banknotes from a wallet.


  • USD value, December 2021: 74.71 INR
  • USD value, December 2022: 82.85
  • Annual change: 10.9%

Like China, India requires US travelers to apply for a special visa to enter the country. But it’s worth it for many travelers as the diverse country has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Not only can you get a lot of Indian rupees for your dollar, but you can also use them for some of the best food in the world or to visit famous attractions like the Taj Mahal in Agra.

City travelers will love the bustling streets of Mumbai, while those who prefer the countryside can see many beautiful temples and shrines.

Costa Rica cash was withdrawn from an ATM.

Costa Rica

  • USD value, December 2021: 649.96 Costa Rica Colons
  • USD value, December 2022: 581.19
  • Annual change: -10.6%

Like the other warm-weather destinations on our list, the US dollar has weakened against the Costa Rican colon. And yet, your dollars will take you a long way at this affordable travel destination.

Costa Rica’s landscape is known as some of the most beautiful in the world, with lush rainforests, volcanoes, beaches and diverse wildlife. It is an ideal destination for divers, hikers and other adventure seekers. Animal lovers can visit the country’s many rescue centers to meet local wildlife, from jaguars and monkeys on land to turtles and rays under the sea.

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