Free technology for teachers. 1759 art lesson plans

The playroom in our house contains a lot of Crayola products because my daughters like to make pictures to hang on our fridge and give cards to friends and family. And like most kids, they don’t always remember to put away their boxes of crayons and markers. While picking up one of their Crayola boxes last night, I was reminded of the huge collection of Crayola lesson plans.

The Crayola Lesson Plan Library contains 1,759 free lesson plans. There are lesson plans for every grade level from pre-K to 12th grade. As you might expect, the lesson plans include one or more Crayola products, but you can probably substitute similar products made by other companies. Lesson plans include step-by-step directions as well as a list of standards covered during the lesson.

All of the lesson plans on the Crayola website have an art component, but many cover topics from other areas. For example, this lesson plan on storytelling traditions is based on several short history lessons. And this lesson plan for high school students focuses on using whiteboards and dry erase markers in group or individual problem solving. You can search and browse the Crayola lesson plan catalog by grade level, subject area, and topic.

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