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Shamima Begum attended an ISIS training camp, according to new testimony from a Yazidi woman who was kidnapped as a sex slave by the Islamic terrorist group. Camp participants are believed to have been taught to use death belts and guns such as shotguns and M16 assault rifles. The Yezidis are a Kurdish minority consisting of about 550,000 people who live mainly in Iraq.

However, significant numbers also reside in northern Syria, mainly around Hasakah and Aleppo, as well as in the Jabal Siman and Afrin valleys.

In the mid-2010s, when ISIS invaded Iraq and Syria, thousands of Yazidi women and girls were forced into sexual slavery by the jihadists.

An estimated 5,000 Yazidi civilians have also been killed in ISIS’ “violent conversion campaign” in northern Iraq.

One such slave was “Dylan”, whose real name is not revealed. She was just 13 when she was taken hostage by Islamic extremists and held as a sex slave for seven years, including being horribly sold, raped and raped by her brutal captors.

Dila, now 20, told documentary maker Alan Duncan, a former British soldier, and The Sun that he was “100 per cent sure” he saw Ms Begum at the Deir ez-Zor terrorist training camp in Syria.

The makeshift camp was set up as ISIS fled Western-backed forces in a counteroffensive in Syria. The former sex slave claimed Ms Begum attended classes known as “Students of Sharia” at the terror camp, where she was likely to receive instructions on how to use guns and death belts.

He said he also refused to believe that Ms Begum had renounced the ideology of Islamic extremists. When Mr. Duncan showed a photo of Ms. Begum in a sleeveless top and baseball cap, Dila said, “It’s fake on Begum’s part. Living with ISIS women and ISIS in general, I understand how they think, how committed they are to their Sharia ideas. .

“Even if they’re not in ISIS, I don’t think they’re open-minded, and those clothes represent them, I’m sure. Those are false facts, ISIS women will never change, they still believe what they believe.

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“Many of them still in the camps think ISIS will rise again.” When pressed by Mr Duncan on whether he was sure the woman at the terror training camp was Ms Begum, The Sun reported that Dila replied through an interpreter:

Ms Begum fled her home in Bethnal Green, London, to join ISIS in February 2015 aged 15. He traveled to Turkey with two of his school friends, Amira Abbasi and Kadiza Sultana, before crossing into Syria.

His supporters claim he was brainwashed and groomed online by ISIS members.

The British government refused to allow him to return to the UK and took the unusual step of stripping him of his British citizenship in 2019, citing national security reasons for the decision.

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Ms Begum, 23, recently lost an appeal against the decision and remains trapped in Roj refugee camp in northern Syria.

The Special Immigration Appeal Panel ruled that the UK Home Secretary’s power to strip Ms Begum of her citizenship was not limited to her being likely to be a victim of trafficking, or that it did not give her de facto citizenship.

The commission also acknowledged that “reasonable people strongly disagreed with the Secretary of State” but dismissed their objections as “a broad range of societal and political issues”.

Around 50 other British women and children are staying in Syrian refugee camps where ex-ISIS members are being held. There are also a number of British men and boys being held without charge or trial in prisons in north-east Syria.

The UK has so far repatriated only 11 Britons – 10 children and 1 woman – despite repeated demands from the Kurdish-led authorities controlling these detention facilities.

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