Ferrum Audio announces the WANDLA DAC/Preamp

Ferrum Audio is a brand based in Poland that is already starting to gain serious attention in the desktop audio category. EIC Ian White spent some time with the ERCO headphone amp at the 2022 CanJam NYC and came away very impressed with the build quality and sonics.

This year, Ferrum is bringing their newest product (their fourth product overall), the WANDLA DAC/Preamp, to AXPONA 2023 in Chicago, IL from April 14th to 16th.

The Ferrum Audio WANDLA joins a growing list of DAC/preamplifiers that can be used as part of a desktop headphone rig or with external amplification and speakers. Those trying to build a system around active speakers may find this a good option as well. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Ferrum WANDLA Top Open

The main features

ConnectionWANDLA includes a thorough selection of digital and analog inputs, including HDMI-ARC. WANDLA is the only one in its class to offer HDMI ARC, making it compatible with audio from a variety of video sources, such as HDMI-ARC-equipped TVs.

Dynamic digital filteringIn collaboration with digital filter manufacturer HQ Player, Ferrum has developed a set of filters for exclusive use at WANDLA. These filters bypass the stock filters on the DAC chip.

Ferrum WANDLA DAC / Preamp Rear

Updated and fine-tuned D/A conversionWANDLA is the result of Ferrum’s in-house digital know-how. ARM-based signal processing and advanced current-to-voltage (I/V) conversions are an effective upgrade to Wandla’s stock ESS DAC, ensuring its performance is on par with similar products from high-end brands.

Intuitive User InterfaceWANDLA has a high-quality touch screen and an easy-to-use interface. Settings can be accessed using a mix of touch, twist and click controls. When operating with a remote control, the display switches to “remote mode” for easier reading at a distance.

Ferrum WANDLA DAC/Preamp User Interface

HintAn auto-updater app for Mac and PC is planned for future firmware updates if needed.

Premium preamplifierIn addition to its DAC functions, the WANDLA also functions as a Preamp with an analog signal path and a full IR remote control. The Wandla includes six digital inputs (AES, Digital Coax, Digital Optical, HDMI-ARC, HDMI-I2S and USB) and one unbalanced analog input. Analog input bypasses all digital processing for a cleaner analog source signal path.

WANDLA also provides one analog balanced and one analog unbalanced output for connection to compatible audio amplifiers, stereo or home theater receivers. No digital audio outputs.

Headphone integrationFor headphone use with the WANDLA, it is recommended to connect it to a Ferrum OOR headphone amplifier.

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Integration with Ferrum HYPSOSWhile the WANDLA works great out of the box, its performance can be further enhanced by connecting it to Ferrum’s HYPSOS external hybrid power supply, which includes both linear and switching power supplies.

Main characteristics:

  • Audio resolution32-bit/768k, DSD256
  • MQA:Decoder and renderer on all digital inputs
  • Analog input VMAX9.5V RMS (2-3.5V RMS Recommended)
  • Line outputsXLR (balanced), RCA (unbalanced)
  • Volume controlWith analog bypass option, digital only for DAC operation
  • Output level4.65V RMS Unbalanced at 0 dBFS, 1kHz Sine Wave – 9.3V RMS Balanced.
  • Dynamic rangeAnalog 127dB (A-weighted) / Digital 122dB (A-weighted)
  • Mixed conversation-1290dB for 1kHzm better than -100dB for 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Output impedance22 ohms, 44 ohms balanced
  • Power consumption10W idle/15W max

HintIf you want to dive deeper into WANDLA, check out the official video below. Tap CC (Closed Captions) for English subtitles.

Price and availability

The WANDLA is priced at $2,795.00 (US) and available directly through Ferrum Audio and authorized dealers. Shipping is expected to begin in late April 2023.

Ferrum WANDLA DAC/Preamp Front

Additional Ferrum Audio products include:

Ferrum will also offer an OOR, WANDLA and HYPSOS package. Contact Ferrum directly for details


HintFerrum products are manufactured in Poland by HEM.

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