and Reveal Group partner to build NLP bots for intelligent automation, combining robotic process automation with natural language understanding –

By offering companies simplified workflows along with natural language understanding (NLU) understanding to extend the impact of intelligent automation and unlock new value, opportunities and growth through intelligent robots. and Reveal Group today announced a partnership to help organizations extend the value of intelligent automation programs with natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU). Robotic process automation (RPA) makes organizations more profitable and responsive by streamlining enterprise workflows and increasing employee engagement and productivity by removing mundane tasks from their workdays. By adding NLP/NLU to RPA, enterprises now have the ability to increase the flexibility and scalability of automation, extending deployment to more complex use cases and business processes by making sense of unstructured linguistic data.

The valuable information contained in emails, customer messages and chats, claims, contracts and any other documents is often a source of untapped potential as companies struggle to transform this unstructured data into actionable, structured data that can be easily manipulated by bots. 80%-90% of enterprise data is unstructured. It is critical that organizations can understand, analyze and leverage it to enable truly intelligent automation across the enterprise’s data assets. The AI-powered NLP capabilities of the hybrid natural language platform deliver accuracy, contextual understanding, and flexibility to accelerate and improve organizations’ data automation strategies. data automation strategies;

“Most of the RPA programs have limited capabilities due to the unstructured text. unlocks this free text without the infrastructure, training data, and explainability limitations that typically hold back enterprise NLP initiatives.” said Josh Noble, Partner:, Reveal Group:. “By partnering with, Reveal Group has proven that RPA, IDP and NLP are better together.”

“Thinking of unstructured data as the limiting factor for intelligent automation is finally over.” said Luca Scagliarini, Chief Product Officer the time “At, we are committed to helping our customers unlock the value of all their enterprise data. By joining forces with Reveal Group, we can expand the potential of RPA by building “NLP Bots” to analyze any type of document, from claims and contracts to emails. competitive advantage”.

The hybrid AI platform complements Reveal Group’s expertise in intelligent automation services. The two companies, with their combined strengths, can support organizations to make RPA bots more efficient, immediately solving pain points related to routine tasks and operations and enabling intelligent automation of more complex and strategic language-intensive processes. With, NLP outputs, including intent, automatic classification, emotional and behavioral trait identification, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis, can be deployed and easily delivered by Reveal Group to automate multiple use cases ranging from cross-industry use cases from general cases (e-Customer service triage, data analysis, comparison and mining in legal departments) to more industry-oriented processes (claims management in insurance companies, loan origination and customer engagement in banking and financial services).

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