Donald Trump’s accusation. the former president pleads not guilty to 34 criminal charges USA | news

Former President Donald Trump’s niece, psychologist Mary Trump, claimed that the evidence against her uncle was “very strong”.

He argued that AG Alvin Bragg would not have pushed for an indictment if he had a “weak case” against him.

Writing on Twitter, he said:

I think people are forgetting a simple fact about the allegations against Donald. the evidence is very strong.

“The idea that DA Alvin Bragg would bring a weak case against a man who was not only the leader of the free world, but also a career criminal who has been walking around in armor made of impunity since 1973 is absurd.

“As former federal prosecutor @AWeissmann_ said on MSNBC, the tape of Donald talking to Michael Cohen about payments to @StormyDaniels where he offered to ‘pay cash’ would be compelling to any jury because it showed gives his intention. hide those payments.”

Mary added: “Donald has also backed himself into a corner when it comes to Michael Cohen’s testimony, as the tape supports that intent. Also, there are 34 points in total, this is dead serious.

“Donald is angry.”

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