Domo – a platform that brings the data experience to life

From the beginning, Domo’s vision was to create a product that would empower people to multiply their business impact. We’ve spent the last decade breaking down barriers like connecting disparate data systems and frameworks for building apps to make data accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Fast forward to now, and the culmination of that vision and all of our investments is a whole new reality for data consumption. Today, what Domo has become is a data experience platform.

The foundational technologies we’ve built to run in multi-cloud, operations-driven application environments are a powerful framework for digital transformation, and our customers embrace the people-first data experience that Domo makes possible.

The speed, efficiency and control built into our core framework are just the beginning of the benefits they see. From disrupting manufacturing processes to making smarter inventory choices to identifying and mitigating security risks, individuals armed with insight do more than make companies money; they inspire meaningful change.

The Domo platform provides the framework and tools to bring such experiences to life. And because Domo allows you to leverage your entire data set, you can realize these benefits in your business while multiplying the impact of all your data investments.

Data experiences that Create: Business impact

Domo puts data to work for everyone. Data experiences spark the bold curiosity that underpins exponential business impact. These experiences can take many forms, but here are four main categories:

  • Self-service reporting is a data experience that personalizes analytics along the data journey to deliver impactful insights.
  • Interactive panels provide dynamic tools for any business user. In fact, a $45 billion US-based food company brought us in to solve a data challenge that traditional BI platforms couldn’t handle. In just a few short days, Domo generated the insights and critical business impact needed to accelerate the core business. The customer was delighted with Domo’s speed, efficiency and power.
  • Data science should benefit everyone and our data science expertise brings the value advanced analytics, machine learning and AI for non-technical users to data scientists. The technology may be complex, but the use cases are not. When we look at the potential of powerful innovations like ChatGPT and other large language models (LLM), we see more ways that data experiences can lead to greater business impact.
  • Domo apps are highly developed, interactive data experiments that are simple to design, easy to customize, and fast to execute. Our accessible code tools enable any user to develop applications and integrate workflows that enable automation, eliminate manual steps, trigger actions, or write data to other systems. Or, if you’re a professional coder, you can build your own advanced apps using our App Dev Framework. The benefit for all is an enhanced data experience that puts data to work to multiply business impact.

But how do you drive all these data experiences to your people, your vendors, and even your customers to meet them right where the work is done?

It’s about distribution at scale, creating a data experience for your employees and stakeholders outside your organization while maintaining the data integrity, control and clear ownership that a custom branded interface can deliver. It’s about taking the power and efficiency of our platform so you can deliver data experiences that feel right at home for your company. It’s about drawing a straight line from curiosity to influence.

When you bring everything we do together, you get a coherent data experience platform that greatly promotes and benefits from curiosity. Our ultimate goal is to create data experiences that ignite your spirit of curiosity and help you work faster and smarter.

With Domo, you can go as far as your imagination stretches. That’s what we’re all about.

We hope you’ll all be inspired by the stories we shared at Domopalooza from some really resourceful customers like Regional One Health, Constellium, CleanChoice Energy, and Sephora who are embracing these data experiences in their businesses. to influence.

I look forward to seeing the amazing data experiences you all create next.

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