Dad, who “rejected” many girls in his youth, wowed TikTok with big pictures Global |: news

It can often be uncomfortable to imagine our parents as young single kids navigating the dating scene before ever meeting for the first time. A TikTok user recently shared the jaw-dropping experience of talking to her father, who admitted that he “rejected” many women when he was younger. Malia Tohitau posted a video of the grizzled dad using his phone in the car before revealing his heartbreaking good looks from yesteryear, making his selective dating attitude a lot less surprising.

In the next picture, she shows off her bright smile while playing the ukelele, showing that she has more to offer prospective partners than just attractive features.

A man of many looks, Malia then snapped a picture of his father sporting a pencil mustache and a dapper suit jacket.

Users couldn’t contain their admiration for the man’s attractiveness, although not everyone offered a glowing review.

One of the users wrote: “I bet the ’80s were fire for him.”

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Another voiced. “Bro def had to turn down a lot of girls, your mom Hella lucky!”

“The last pic is gorgeous,” one commenter noted.

Comparisons were made to wrestler-turned-movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, users were not universally complimentary, with several noting that he resembled beloved soccer great Diego Maradona.

One of the TikTok users said: “If Maradona and the Rock had a child.”

“If maradona and rock merge,” wrote another.

Supporting the claim, another said: “Brother, your father is a rock, what about Maradona if they had a loving child?”

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