Cody Schoeler’s remaining 2023 NFL West free agent deals

Posted on March 19, 2023

  By Cody Schoeler, SuperWest Sports

Q:Here are the rest of the NFL West 2023 NFL free agency deals.

Signings and trades began to close on March 15th, the official start of the new League year.

You can follow each day’s top signings and re-signings for NFL Western Conference teams with these tracks.

(See day one here, day two here and day three here).

Below you’ll find their new and former teams, along with the duration and value of their deals (if applicable) and my estimated rating.

49ers sign defensive end Clelin Ferrell (1 year, $2.5 million)

Former team. Raiders:


T:he has experience reviving the careers of 49ers defensive linemen.

They hope Ferrell will be the next player on that list, which includes Charles Omenihu, Arden Kee and Maurice Hurst.

Ferrell entered the league with high expectations as the fourth overall pick, but never lived up to that billing. A change of scenery is just what she needs to get her career back on track.

The 49ers aren’t committing much in terms of money or deal years, meaning if it doesn’t work out, they can move on relatively unscathed.

At the end of the season, this move could be one of the best of the offseason or one that didn’t really change much. That’s what makes this signing pretty good.

Grade: B

49ers signed cornerback Isaiah Oliver (2 years)

Former team: Falcons


OhLiver has shown flashes during his five-year career in Atlanta, but hasn’t developed into a reliable starter.

He was always involved in lackluster defenses as a Falcon, which didn’t help, but that won’t be the case anymore.

Oliver won’t be joining one of the league’s top quarterbacks, which could help develop him into a regular starter. This is another low-risk move for the 49ers, who have upside, but it doesn’t solve their need at cornerback.

The 49ers have yet to find a guy who can take over the number two cornerback spot.

Unless Oliver has a huge improvement in his game this year, he won’t be that guy, which means the 49ers likely haven’t adequately filled that need yet.

Grade: C+

Seahawks signed safety Julian Love (2 years, $12 million)

Former team: Giants


L:Ove has been a solid member of the Giants secondary recently, especially in 2022 when he made 16 starts.

It makes sense that Seattle would want to add a player of his caliber to help improve a defense that definitely needs some improvement.

The problem with the signing doesn’t come from the contract itself, it comes from how Love will fit into this team.

He played safety in New York, but the Seahawks have one of the league’s highest-paid safety pairings already in Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs, plus Ryan Neal, who they appear likely to re-sign.

The most logical assumption is that Love will mostly play nickel, which would make sense for both sides.

Love played cornerback in college so he has experience at the position, and the move would allow the Seahawks to move Kobe Bryant to the outside.

This is certainly an interesting signing from Seattle that could turn out very well, but initial concerns about Love’s fit bring the grade down a bit.

Grade: B-

Seahawks re-signed quarterback Drew Lock (1 year, $4 million)
Lock it

V:When the Seahawks acquired Lock in the Russell Wilson trade last year, it was with the belief that he would compete for the starting job.

Now that the Seahawks have him on waivers, it should strictly be the backup. The return of the lock allows Seattle to have a backup in 2023 who already knows the system and is familiar with the players.

But the fact that the deal is only a one-year deal means the Seahawks are still able to draft a quarterback and bring him back as a backup if he outperforms Locke in training camp.

Class: C

Seahawks sign guard/center Evan Brown (1 year, $2.25 million)

Former team: Lions


T:Brown’s main selling point is his versatility, as he can play both guard and center. With Seattle currently in need of a starter at both of those spots, the addition of Brown is perfect.

He also comes from Detroit, where he started most of the games the last two years.

Detroit has had one of the best lines in the league recently, which means Brown could contribute to a solid unit.

Brown will almost certainly start on the Seahawks’ o-line this year, and getting a starter at that price is a steal.

Grade: B+

Seahawks sign linebacker Devin Bush (1 year)

Former team: Steelers


T:he Seahawks knew they needed a linebacker.

With Jordyn Brooks suffering a torn ACL at the end of last season and Cody Barton leaving in free agency, Seattle saw both starters down from last year.

Enter Bush, a former Steelers 10th overall pick who started 48 games over four seasons.

Now, the reason Bush was even available to the Seahawks was because he struggled at times in Pittsburgh and didn’t develop into the star the Steelers wanted him to be.

That means the Seahawks don’t get a guaranteed contributor in this deal, which is what they needed.

Bush has an upside that most other players on the market don’t have, but Seattle could get a player who was at the top of the draft.

The Bush signing likely means the Seahawks aren’t dealing in free agency (Bobby Wagner anyone) and because of that, it’s hard to put much value on this.

Grade: C+

Chiefs sign linebacker Drew Tranquil (1 year, $3 million)

Former team: Chargers


T:He executives did two things with this signing.

They added another young, talented full-back along with Nick Bolton and Willie Gay, and they took a key player away from a division rival at the same time.

It will be interesting to see how Tranquille fits into the Kansas City defense. His contract suggests he’s not expected to occupy much of it, at least not at this point.

Also, Bolton looked like he was developing into a superstar last year, so Tranquil is second best at the position.

But having a lot of talent is never a bad thing, and the Chiefs have landed a lot of talented players, making this a very good signing.

Grade: A-

Chiefs signed safety Mike Edwards (1 year, $3 million)

Former team. Bucks:

E:dwards isn’t a one-for-one replacement for Juan Thornhill, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t make it a bad deal. It will not completely replace him, that’s why they pay less.


Edwards comes from Tampa Bay, where he was like a starter on defense. He didn’t make many starts, but he still found his way onto the field and played some games.

How managers ultimately view him will determine his role. He could become the starter next to Brian Cook and provide some veteran leadership and experience to the secondary.

Or the Chiefs could add another safety, either as a free agent or in the draft, and Edwards could play the same role he did in Tampa.

Either way, for only $3 million, the Chiefs added a potentially impactful player on defense.

Grade: C+

Raiders re-signed linebacker Jacob Johnson (1 year)

S:Signing or re-signing a fullback is never the sexiest free agency move, but this was a solid one for the Raiders.


Head coach Josh McDaniels stuck to his New England ways by bringing Johnson away from the Patriots and making him a key part of the offense.

The Raiders relied on him to help in the run game, which he did to great effect.

Again, it’s a fullback, so it can’t be rated too high, but the Raiders rely on that position more than most teams and know they have a guy who can do what they want.

Grade: B-

Raiders re-sign guard/shot Jermaine Eluemunor

In:It’s hard to fully appreciate this deal without its specifics, but that doesn’t make it impossible.


Eluemunor was a 17-game starter for the Raiders last year, so expect him to fill a similar role in 2023.

The Raiders have had a lot of inconsistency across the board in recent years, both in who has manned the positions and how they have performed in them.

Bringing back Eluemunor, who has proven he can be a solid starter for them, is a win for the Raiders, assuming the contract is reasonable, which it probably will be.

Grade: B

Chargers re-sign defensive end Morgan Fox (2 years, $7.25 million)

F:ox was a new addition to the Chargers last year and he made an immediate impact.

The fox

He quickly became one of the most important players on the defense despite not getting much attention. Fox had a career year anchoring the defensive line, so it makes sense that he wanted to return.

Fox won’t solve the Chargers’ problems against the run, but his loss could certainly make it work. There is still more work to be done at that position, but bringing back a very productive player from last year is a good place to start.

Class: A

Chargers re-signed Donald Parham (2 years, $2.65 million)

B:Between injuries and time spent backing up veterans, Parham hasn’t necessarily gotten a chance to establish himself as anything more than a number two tackle.

Parham Jr

But that doesn’t mean the Chargers are giving up on him. They brought him back on a two-year deal because they still think he can play on offense.

It’s a cheap deal so the Chargers don’t suffer too much if Parham doesn’t become that guy.

And if this ends up being a contract for a high-end backup tight end who can make some plays from time to time, it’s still a pretty good deal.

Grade: C+

The Chargers re-signed punter J.K. Scott (2 years, $4 million)

S:Cote becomes the first kicker or shortstop to sign a two-year contract with a Western team in free agency.


The most important thing when it comes to these specialist contracts for teams is that they are cheap, which is why teams tend to use the draft to fill these spots.

But at just two million a year, Scott is a very good value here. He was a productive player for the Chargers last year, so locking him up for the next two years is a nice sense of security for them, making this a good signing.

Grade: B-

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