Chromecast. what is it and how to connect it to your tv

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a new smart TV, why not consider Chromecast with your old digital TV? Chromecast is a small device that can turn your digital TV into a smart TV. The device is affordable and easy to use. You simply connect it to your TV’s HDMI port and your Wi-Fi network and stream content from your phone, tablet or computer to your TV.

With Chromecast, you can stream all your favorite TV shows, sports events, and movies. It supports a wide range of streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. You can also mirror your device’s screen to your TV, allowing you to view photos, presentations, or other content on a larger screen.

How does Chromecast work?

Once you connect the device to your TV’s HDMI port and connect it to your Wi-Fi, you can launch compatible apps or websites on your device and select the content you want to stream. The selected content is then sent over Wi-Fi to the Chromecast device, which displays it on the TV screen. And the best part. You can use your connected mobile device or computer as a remote control to pause, play, rewind or fast forward content.

How to connect Chromecast to your TV: step by step guide

Connecting your TV to Chromecast is simple. it does not require technical knowledge. Here are the requirements.

  • Your TV must have an HDMI port where you will connect your Chromecast device.
  • Access to a power source to turn on Chromecast.
  • Wi-Fi network connection for Internet connection and streaming content.
  • A smartphone, tablet or computer to be used as a remote control and broadcast content.
  • The Google Home app must be installed on your device. You can download the Google Home app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect Chromecast to your TV:

  1. Connect the device to your TV’s HDMI port.
  2. Connect the Chromecast device to your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Download and install the Google Home app on your mobile or computer device (or you can access the web app through your web browser).
  4. Open the Google Home app and follow the setup process.
  5. After the setup process is complete, you can start streaming content from your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV.
  6. To stream content, simply select the content you want to watch or listen to on your mobile device or computer. Tap the Cast button and select your Chromecast device. The content will start playing on your TV screen.


Chromecast is a great device that lets you add smart TV functionality to your TV to enhance your viewing experience. With its affordable price, easy setup process, and wide range of supported streaming apps and services, it’s a great option to upgrade your home entertainment system without spending a fortune on a smart TV.

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