Debt parking brake adjustment

What are the biggest parking hazards? Perforated door? A bruised bumper? For consumers affected by harmful debt settlement practices, the impact on their financial health can be devastating. And if you’re a debt collector who engages in debt parking, the FTC’s settlement with Midwest Recovery Systems suggests you could face law enforcement action for violating … Read more

Eight steps to becoming a better business owner

Imagine you and I are sitting in a café having a coffee and cake a year from now. You’re telling me about how your business has changed over the last 12 months. About how you read this article/pdf, and it made you think differently about how you run your business. It made you get into … Read more

Paula Richardson sobre trabajar con Julia Chanterrey

Paula Richardson completó el programa de coaching de seis meses Remarkable Business en 2020. Jane de Vos se reunió con Paula para hablar sobre cómo la ayudó a aclarar su zona de genialidad y crear una campaña de marketing completamente nueva para su negocio. Transcripción a continuación Hola Paula, cuéntanos sobre tu negocio. Dirijo una … Read more

¿El libro ha cambiado la forma en que piensa acerca de su negocio?

¿Alguna vez un libro ha cambiado tu forma de pensar sobre tu negocio? Leo muchos libros de negocios. Normalmente tengo un par en el camino. Para mí, es una forma conveniente de aprender cosas nuevas, pensar de manera diferente sobre los negocios y, en general, aprender cómo funciona el mundo. Pero sé que esto no … Read more

Student Loan Debt and COVID. FTC issues warning letter to Frank Financial Aid

Whether it’s your co-workers, a family member, or perhaps you, who are dealing with student loan debt, the CARES Act provides emergency grants to qualified borrowers. But like other financial assistance programs, consumers should know the key details beforehand. As part of its ongoing efforts to monitor the questionable claims market caused by the COVID … Read more

20 more marketers making COVID-related claims receive FTC warning letters

The FTC continues to monitor the marketplace to protect consumers from allegedly unsubstantiated COVID-19 claims. What do we see? Whether they’re selling tablets, cures, or trinkets, companies still make questionable claims about their products or services. The following 20 businesses are the latest to receive warning letters from the FTC about unfounded prevention or treatment … Read more

Increase Zoom’s unfair and deceptive security practices; More about FTC regulation

This time last year, “scaling” was just a buzz word. But the pandemic has turned the video conferencing platform into a daily Zoom event for business people talking about trade secrets, doctors and mental health professionals discussing sensitive patient information, kids catching up on schoolwork, and the rest of us sharing everything from from the … Read more

La ley de los rendimientos decrecientes en los negocios

La ley de la intención decreciente dice Cuanto más pospongamos hacer algo, menos probable es que lo hagamos. De acuerdo con John Maxwell, quien popularizó la Ley de Intención decreciente, si no hacemos algo dentro de las 48 horas, es poco probable que lo hagamos. La ley de la intención decreciente Hace unos años le … Read more

Revision of the franchising rule. what’s on the agenda

Buying a franchise is a big financial commitment for consumers. The Franchise Rule was established so that consumers have the basic information to weigh the risks and benefits of their potential investment. As part of its ongoing regulatory review process, the FTC is holding an online workshop reviewing the Privilege Rule on Tuesday, November 10, … Read more