AI solutions pay off for business

The majority of Australian businesses said they used at least four different AI technology and service providers to successfully implement an AI project, according to a new report from the National AI Center (NAIC). In fact, 28 percent of respondents worked with more than six different suppliers, while only 17 percent relied on a single … Read more

Fashion retailer Scotch & Soda seeks bankruptcy for Dutch operations

Private retailer Scotch & Soda, based in Amsterdam, has filed for bankruptcy for its Dutch operations, Het Financieele Dagblad (FD) newspaper reported on Monday, citing a company statement. The owner of Scotch & Soda and Sun Capital was not immediately available for comment. The paper said the company’s statement cited “serious cash flow problems” that … Read more

Nearshoring in Brazil. what are the advantages?

Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America and is a culturally diverse country that boasts a wealth of technological talent. Foreign investment in Brazil soared last year, with a record $91 billion invested in the economy. Despite forecasting just 0.3 percent growth for 2022, Brazil’s GDP actually grew by nearly three percent last year. … Read more

The service sector registered a deficit of $39 million in February

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Sindro will write about the European financial industry for the WSJ’s “Heard on the Street” program

John Sindro John Sindro will take over writing about the European financial sector for The Wall Street Journal’s “Heard on the Street” column starting in May. He has written about the aerospace industry. Sindro has been a Heard on the Street columnist since September 2018. He was previously a correspondent for The Journal, covering the … Read more

Some industries are already using Metaverse…Are you?

Faster vaccine testing. Shorter time to market for innovative new drugs. A clearer picture of side effects for each individual patient. These are developments that could change the face of medicine forever. To make this concept of personalized healthcare a reality, Reinhard Laubenbacher of the University of Florida and Professor James Glaser of Indiana University … Read more

Cheese as a substitute for meat, pasta?

CHICAGO – Non-melting cheeses are giving consumers and culinary professionals a chance to turn dairy into a plate-centered protein. Cheese holds its shape when cooked and can be used to replace meat in all kinds of dishes, including breakfast sandwiches. “Hard, moist cheeses like panela and cheese are proving to be popular options for bringing … Read more

The Silicon Valley bank collapse was avoidable

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was the result of several factors, including the bank’s high-risk lending practices, inadequate risk management, and an over-reliance on the technology sector. It’s impossible to say whether the collapse could have been avoided altogether, but hindsight is always 20/20 and several preventative actions could have been taken, including: … Read more

We call attention to our calls to action. why CTAs are more important than the number of followers on social media

from Valeh Nazemofffounder Engage 2 Engage and author of Energize Your Marketing Momentum Many businesses make a big mistake when it comes to social media marketing. They focus on the number of followers. More followers means wider reach, and that’s better for business, right? Follower growth is a useful metric, but only up to a … Read more