Rudy Parker. Video clips during sporting events

Video traffic increases during sporting events Watching during major sports games such as the NFL and the World Cup may reduce video quality. Hybrid-cloud architecture provides a solution by combining the quality and efficiency of dedicated infrastructure with the flexibility of cloud-based services. Learn more in our new blog post. Velocix will be making a … Read more

10 Stock Picks During the Covid-19 Crisis

My first experience investing in the stock market was terrible. Back when I was young and naive, I received a lump sum after my brother decided he wanted to sell our property together. I didn’t know what to do with my half of the proceeds from that sale. So, on the advice of an old … Read more

Better Hiring Decisions – Nine Point Digital

Recruiting power of executives. Managers depend on the quality of their people to achieve their corporate and personal career goals. It is an old saying and true that the best jockey cannot win a race if he only rides slow horses. A better understanding of the skills and abilities of executive recruiters will enable any … Read more

Mejores decisiones de contratación – Nine Point Digital

Poder de contratación de los ejecutivos. Los gerentes dependen de la calidad de su gente para lograr sus objetivos profesionales corporativos y personales. Es un dicho antiguo y cierto que el mejor jockey no puede ganar una carrera si solo monta caballos lentos. Una mejor comprensión de las habilidades y capacidades de los reclutadores ejecutivos … Read more

The value of an unfilled vacancy

It happens to every manager eventually. Unexpected open job position. It could be a serious illness, a spouse moving, or simply a valued employee accepting a new position. But suddenly, out of nowhere, you have a significant position to fill. Unexpected open job position “We’ll fix it,” might be your first thought. “Other people will … Read more

El valor de una vacante sin cubrir

Eventualmente le sucede a todos los gerentes. Puesto vacante inesperado. Podría ser una enfermedad grave, la mudanza de un cónyuge o simplemente un empleado valioso que acepta un nuevo puesto. Pero de repente, de la nada, tienes un puesto importante que ocupar. Puesto vacante inesperado “Lo arreglaremos”, podría ser su primer pensamiento. “Otras personas harán … Read more

Objetivos SMART > Configuración de objetivos

Nueve puntos digitales Objetivos INTELIGENTES: La base de la grandeza “El problema de no tener una meta es que puedes pasarte la vida corriendo de un lado a otro del campo sin llegar nunca a un destino”. BILL COPELAND Establecer una meta es el primer y más importante paso para lograrla. Es como comprar un … Read more

SMART Goals > Goal Settings

Nine point digital SMART goals: The basis of greatness “The problem with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field without ever reaching a destination.” BILL COPELAND Setting a goal is the first and most important step to achieving it. It’s like buying a plane ticket … Read more

Emerging technologies and the future of work

Emerging technologies. You’ve heard it before — The pace of technological changes is accelerating. It is unpredictable and unprecedented. As the World Economic Forum has adopted The future of work In the report, we are entering the fourth industrial revolution. “Developments in previously unsavory areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D … Read more

Las tecnologías emergentes y el futuro del trabajo

Tecnologías emergentes. Lo has escuchado antes — El ritmo de los cambios tecnológicos se está acelerando. Es impredecible y sin precedentes. Como el Foro Económico Mundial ha adoptado El futuro del trabajo En el informe, estamos entrando en la cuarta revolución industrial. “Los desarrollos en áreas previamente desagradables, como la inteligencia artificial y el aprendizaje … Read more