5 important things to know about non-emergency medical transport

March 22in 2023 5 important things to know about non-emergency medical transport For most people, going to the doctor for an emergency checkup usually means driving to the hospital. However, some people either do not have the means to travel or may require special equipment or arrangements when transporting. But although their need to access … Read more

DIY: Fire Cider |

By Tim Boston, Contributing Writer If you are familiar with herbs, you are probably aware that symptoms can be divided into hot, cold, wet or dry. Herbs will either warm or cool the body and add or remove moisture from the body. It’s no wonder that many winter illnesses are considered “cold” symptoms. It should … Read more

Why does my head hurt? Everyday causes of that headache

From lifestyle factors to an underlying condition, the cause of your headaches can be easy to pinpoint. However, knowing the answer to your headache doesn’t always mean it’s easy to fix. We list the most common types of headaches you may experience, broken down into primary and secondary headaches. Do you know the difference? Read … Read more

Green Tea vs Milk Tea – Which is Healthier?

https://ift.tt/9cxGVt2 Green Tea vs Milk Tea – Which is Healthier? Blog – HealthifyMe Blog – HealthifyMe – the ultimate guide to weight loss, fitness and living a healthier life. Water is the elixir of life and essential to your well-being. However, tea follows due to its popularity as the beverage of choice. Indeed, people in … Read more

How Mindfulness Can Help You Heal

Self-care and wellness are essential to leading a healthy and happy life. There is no arguing about that. However, taking care of yourself isn’t just about getting enough sleep, eating right, or exercising. It is also about finding emotional balance and healing the mind-body connection. How does the mind-body connection work? You are not simply … Read more

Russians find pieces of US Reaper drone they destroyed in Black Sea

Moscow has recovered parts of a US surveillance drone that was shot down by two Russian fighter jets last week, according to intercepted military radio transmissions. Just a few hours after the March 14 incident, an MQ-9 Reaper drone was captured by hobbyists in a Russian battle to rescue it, according to the New York … Read more

Interview with Augie Kavazovich, CEO of House Rx – The Health Care Blog

THCB Quickbites Ogi Kavazovic, CEO of House Rx, joined Matthew Holt to explain how his company is trying to disrupt the specialty pharmacy market. It’s a huge market dominated by several huge oligopolies, and Augie believes there’s room to work directly with the clinics responsible for the majority of injecting drug patients and provide them … Read more

After breast cancer. fitness and nutrition tips

When you finish breast cancer treatment, you may have feelings. Going through treatment is physically and mentally exhausting, with many side effects from chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and immunotherapy. Once the treatment phase is over, is there anything you can do to increase your chances of staying cancer free? The answer is YES. There are many … Read more