Google releases Bard AI to compete with ChatGPT/GPT-4

Google has unveiled Bard, an ingenious AI chatbot built to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing Chat. Bard, unlike its peers, generates information directly from its model rather than fetching search results. Designed as a vital component of the Google Search experience, Bard helps users exchange ideas and answer queries. In an increasingly competitive … Read more

311 Call Center Performance. Graded service levels

Sponsored message It City of Toronto gets it A- A: a ranking based on the level of demand for services by residents during a typical 12-month calendar year. It is the conclusion of a time series data analysis using the TIME SERIES Outlier and Anomaly Detection Template of Toronto 311 service requests; Time series segmentation … Read more

Credit Card, ACH, Wires and more

Introduction: If you’re still paying your vendors with paper checks, you’re probably facing several problems for your business, such as tons of manual effort, difficulty tracking payments, high check fees, and more. Verifications are a slow process with many steps at both ends. By comparison, paying vendors online is usually pretty straightforward (and your vendors … Read more

Vendor Comparison for Outsourced Digital Workplace Services in 23’

With the advent of digital transformation, businesses in numerous industries are increasingly investing in digital technologies and tools. While 56% of CEOs cited increased revenue thanks to digital transformation, it is estimated that the average digital transformation stands a 45 percent chance of delivering less profit than expected.1 2 With the growing popularity of remote … Read more

Know the cost and value of WA messages

This blog is updated as of March 2023. WhatsApp Business is free to use. Are there any rules I should know about? How does WhatsApp charge for messages? Learn all about WhatsApp Business pricing here. In 2023, WhatsApp is still the most popular global mobile messenger app. It is also the third most popular social … Read more

Shutdown of ChatGPT on March 20. here’s what happened

Earlier this week, we took ChatGPT offline due to a bug in the open source library that allowed some users to see headers from another active user’s chat history. It’s also possible that the first message in a newly created chat was visible in someone else’s chat history if both users were active around the … Read more