Business intelligence is the key to your success

Markaz’s CFO in Residence, Jim Whalen, takes us through a unique small business data directory that Markaz has built with its proprietary technology, and how that data can help you.

Like your beloved factory, small business intelligence needs nourishment to survive, it cannot stand alone or it quickly becomes outdated, inaccurate and useless to any enterprise whose target customers are small businesses. The landscape of accurate global small business intelligence providers is small, and many cannot return accurate data in real time, delaying your entry and losing you up to 68% of your customers.

“If you’re an enterprise and have a huge customer bank, many of those lists become outdated or irrelevant. Customers leave; they are not active; they sell As an enterprise partner, it’s hard to distinguish what’s going on with individual companies because you’re carrying all these bits of data. Your small business data intelligence file becomes cumbersome and no longer relevant, your decision-making becomes flawed based on outdated business records, leading to more customer attrition or strong customer churn,” said Jim Whalen, CFO of Markaz :

Markaz has a valuable small business data offering that provides enterprise partners with the space, control and influence they need to make better decisions and more accurately monitor small business customers. With a data directory representing over 300 million global businesses, 98% of which are small businesses, Markaz is the market leader when it comes to small business data in firmographic, business health and compliance data.

With Markaz’s easy-to-use Business Activity Monitoring solution, its built-in APIs, or its dedicated services that include small business engagement, businesses can view multiple accounts at any time, understand what’s happening in their market or in their market. customer sets and tailor their products and solutions accordingly.

Markaaz becomes the most popular a tool for a small business-focused enterprise that supports the small business community. Many of the data sets that the Directory uses are accurate but augmented by Markaz small business members who correct and update their business information in the Markaz dashboard.

These adjustments made by small businesses enable Markaz’s enterprise partners to offer them better interest rates on loans, mortgages, credit card extensions or other financial services.

“We just met with the bank and they liked our data, our ability to get informed as they try to focus on family businesses. No one else can do it. We can do it,” Whalen said.

Markaz is in a fast growth phase and is investigating what the market needs and developing the features and functionality of its product suite to address those pain points in small businesses and enterprises around the world.

With its Series A growth funding round underway, Markaz is investing further in its expansion and growth in global markets.

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