Best Buy makes electronics recycling easy

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  • Best Buy allows you to recycle electronics responsibly.
  • Today, the company is launching a mail login program.
  • The cheapest method is still going to a physical store, but this is a good alternative.

Since 2009, Best Buy has offered an electronics recycling program. Within certain limits, you can bring old electronics to most Best Buy locations and drop them in the trash. The company will then responsibly dispose of those electronics free of charge.

Today, the company announced a new option that prioritizes customer convenience. Now you can recycle electronics without leaving home with Best Buy’s new mail-in option.

Unfortunately, this new method costs you some money. However, the convenience of not having to go to a store can be a good trade-off for people who don’t want to (or can’t) go to a physical location.

How to recycle electronics at Best Buy

The process is simple. You buy either a small box with a six-pound limit for $23 or a medium box with a 15-pound limit for $30. As long as you stay under the specified weight limit, you can fill any box to the brim in any way you like (with a few restrictions, obviously).

An empty box arrives at your home with tape, a prepaid UPS label and instructions. After you’ve collected your old gear, you can either drop it off at a UPS store or designated drop-off location, or arrange for UPS to pick it up at your home.

If you have an item that won’t fit in a box or just too much gear to fit in one shipment, Best Buy also offers a home pick-up service called Haul Away. For $200, a truck will come to you and take what you own, including up to two large items (think projection TVs and appliances).

Remember, don’t throw any of your old electronics in the trash. They can cause serious damage to the environment. Use the various methods Best Buy offers to do your part and keep our planet healthy and safe.

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