Best bets for the 2023 NFL Draft

Why wait until next season to place football bets when you can check out the 2023 NFL Draft odds? Granted, there are a lot of bets during the draft.

There are FanDuel NFL Draft odds available for a number of different markets, including players drafted by which teams and when.

2023 NFL Draft Odds and Best Bets

Needless to say, we were curious about researching the best NFL Draft bets. Much like the NFL season, anything can happen during the draft.

That’s why it’s fun to check out all the players who are eligible to enter the NFL and all the possibilities for the 2023 NFL Draft. Let’s take a deep dive into those 2023 NFL Draft odds and share some of the best NFL Draft bets available.

Bryce Young first overall pick, -170

As things stand, this seems like a safe bet. Obviously, it’s not the most profitable choice, but it’s still the smart one. The Bears are widely rumored to be willing to trade the first overall pick, likely attracting the attention of several teams looking to make Young the top overall pick.

Of course, it’s possible that Chicago ends up keeping the pick. But if the Bears trade top picks, there’s a good chance Young will be selected first.

Will Anderson first overall pick, +1200

While Young is the safe bet, Anderson, the first overall pick, provides a ton of value at +1200, so it’s another way. It’s not written in stone that the Bears are going to trade a top pick, and if that happens, they’ll definitely be taking a defensive player unless they somehow trade Justin Fields.

If the Bears use the pick, it’s close to a toss-up between Anderson and Jaylen Carter, though Anderson is starting to look like the better option.

Bryce Young’s first quarterback, -210

Whether or not Young goes first overall, he will likely be the first quarterback selected in the 2023 NFL Draft. Again, this won’t be the most profitable choice, but it seems like a safe bet.

There are some who believe CJ Stroud or Anthony Richardson could pass Young in the pecking order. However, Young is still the safest bet for the first quarterback taken in this year’s draft.

Zay Flowers First Wide Receiver drafted, +700

There doesn’t seem to be much certainty when it comes to the first wide receiver to be selected this year. With at least five viable candidates, Flowers offers great value at +700.

He didn’t start the process as the best receiver on the board, mostly because he didn’t get much attention while playing at Boston College. But he still managed to be a star on a bad college team.

The more teams get to know him and take a closer look at what he has to offer, the more they will like him. In other words, Flowers is someone who could start climbing the boards late in the process, ultimately positioning him to move ahead of receivers like Jackson Smith-Njigba and Quentin Johnston, who may be ahead of him at this point.

Jalen Carter’s first defensive player is drafted, +300

As mentioned, if the Bears hold on to the first overall pick, it’s practically a toss-up between Anderson and Carter, meaning one of those two players will be the first defensive player selected.

There is no point in trying to leave the room and go in another direction. For what it’s worth, Anderson is the -230 favorite to be the first defensive player off the board. But Carter is still a realistic possibility, which is why he’s a better option at +300 than Anderson at -230 because so much can happen and this is close to a bust with the first defensive player to deal with. a draft is attached.

Christian Gonzalez first cornerback draft, -220

A lot of cornerbacks were drafted in the first round this year. It’s a deep position, which is why there are several cornerbacks who could potentially be the first pick at that position.

However, Gonzalez appears to be the only available cornerback with any chance of being a top-10 pick. The Oregon product has had an outstanding college career and has all the tools to succeed at the next level. If his stock slips, someone like Devon Witherspoon or Joey Porter Jr. could end up being preferred by a team looking for a cornerback in the second half of the first round. But if any cornerback comes off the board in the first 10-12 picks, it will almost certainly be Gonzalez, making it a safe and smart bet.

Raiders to Draft Anthony Richardson, +650

There are a lot of ways things could go with Richardson and the other top quarterbacks available. Richardson, in particular, looks like a wild card that could be one of the top few picks or could fall precipitously. Somehow it makes the Raiders who choose no. 7 overall, suits him well.

Richardson’s potential is undeniable, and so a quarterback and offensive guru like Josh McDaniels might want a quarterback with upside that he can groom. At +650 odds, Richardson going to the Raiders is great value, especially since both sides seem like a good fit.

Bills to the Bijan Robinson project, +850

Robinson is likely to be taken late in the first round or early in the second round. That creates a list of several potential suitors to run through.

However, the Bills are picking a bit higher than most other teams that could have moved back in that part of the draft. Additionally, Buffalo’s backfield is one of the most troubled in the league. Therefore, the Bills have both the opportunity and the need to draft Robinson. At +850 it’s hard not to take a chance on it.

Odds correct as of March 10th.

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