“Amazon Prime horror movie ‘The Wailing’ leaves viewers terrified and disgusted within 10 minutes.”

AMAZON Prime viewers were horrified by horror film The Wailing.

The suspenseful movie may have appeared years ago, but in recent weeks it has risen to number two on the streaming service.

The Wailing terrified viewersCredit: Alam

The film still has the same appeal as it did when it was first released

The film still has the same appeal as it did when it was first releasedCredit: Alam

In the film, the mysterious appearance of a foreigner in a village arouses suspicion among the locals, which turns into hysteria when people start brutally killing each other for no reason.

The South Korean horror film stars Kwak Do-won, Jang So-yeon, and Kang-guk-soon.

Taking to Twitter to discuss the film, one person commented: “If you like the idea of ​​enchantment but were disappointed by the execution, go watch Lamentations. Truly terrifying and disgusting, I’m sure if it was an English film it would be considered a benchmark for horror. It’s on Amazon Prime.”

The second said: “The mourning was extraordinary. I was on the edge of my seat, not knowing where it was going until the end. I highly recommend it. It’s on Amazon Prime!!”

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While the third added: “Started #TheWailing, 10 minutes in and I’m already freaking out. In a VERY good way.”

“Scared myself out watching #TheWailing,” said a fourth.

The Wailing premiered in South Korea on May 12, 2016, before screening at the Cannes Film Festival and then in the United States.

It was released on Netflix but has since been pulled.

Viewers had a hard time watching it

Viewers had a hard time watching itCredit: Alam

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