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TL; DrLifetime subscription to EasySplitter AI-powered audio remover(Opens in a new tab) retails for £24.48, saving you 94% off the list price.

While it’s easy to assume that artificial intelligence is only useful in the tech industry, this technology is being used more and more every day in creative fields, even in the music world. If you want to see the latest innovations, the Consumer Electronics Show summarizes the most exciting new products on the market year after year.

Musicians can discover how much AI can enhance the creative process with EasySplitter AI-powered sound removal.(Opens in a new tab). A lifetime subscription to this CES-launched app is currently on sale for just £24.48.

Let artificial intelligence make the creative music process a little easier with EasySplitter AI-powered Vocal Remove. This app is available on iOS, Android, or the web, and lets you split any song in your media library into the four STEMs: instrumental, vocal, bass, and audio. It even removes background noise and unwanted sounds from the audio file, ensuring clarity and sound quality.

Wondering how it works? Innovative technology offers fact processing that allows songs to be split quickly as soon as you upload a song. It can be split into 2 STEMs or 4 STEMs and from there you can play or mute the STEMs you want, change the volume on each one, download them all individually or use the “merge download” option to combine the STEMs you need the one file.

Many singers, DJs, live performers, studio producers and other musicians who mix and master tunes are already reaping the benefits of EasySplitter. It’s bug-free to give you peace of mind, and offers web and mobile sync so you can sync via the web or mobile app.

Get a lifetime subscription to EasySplitter AI-powered Vocal Remover(Opens in a new tab) for just £24.48.

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