A shooter killed 3 children at a Christian elementary school in Nashville

Here we go again! A mass shooting at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville this morning killed at least three children. The three victims at The Covenant School, which has just 200 students from pre-primary to sixth grade, were rushed to a local hospital where they were pronounced dead, the BBC reports. The police killed the suspect, whose identity has not yet been established.

From the BBC.

The city’s fire department said on Twitter that there were “multiple patients” from the incident at a local school. It said the area remains an “active scene.” …

Nashville police say they have engaged the shooter and the man is now dead.

Parents have been asked to meet at a nearby location. …

In a statement, the Tennessee House Democratic Caucus said its members “are praying for the children and families of the shooting victims at Covenant School.”

“Our thoughts are with the entire school community and families in the surrounding district,” said President John Ray Clemons.

This is at least the 13th school shooting in the United States this year, the BBC reports. Unfortunately, it has been proven that thoughts and prayers, however well-intentioned, do not prevent mass shootings in America.

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