8 Spring Events to Add to Your Schedule in Advance

Winter may be bleak, but spring is always around to infuse the world with some much-needed color. No matter where you are on this irregularly shaped ellipsoid called Earth, people have come up with fun ways to celebrate the renewal of life. Some spring holidays are associated with the place where they originated. Others have gone global and are now celebrated around the world. Here are eight amazing spring events to add to your calendar in advance so you don’t miss them.

1. Holi — India, March 28-29

Speaking of adding some color to the world, perhaps no one does it better than the annual Holi festival in India. Holi is literally a festival of colors, where people throw brightly saturated vegetable powders into clouds through the streets. The smells of incense and market dumplings float in the air as cheers and laughter ricochet with flying colors. A bonfire is lit the night before Holi to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Although Holi was originally a Hindu tradition, it is now celebrated in many places around the world. However, you’ll still want to plan a flight to India to get the authentic experience. This is a festival that is truly unlike any other, uniquely Indian and a beautiful sight.

2. Songkran — Chiang Mai, Thailand, April 13-15

After all that colorful fun, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Luckily, Songkran in Thailand has you covered if you’re willing to wait a few weeks. Otherwise, maybe take a shower. Songkran is a massive water fight to celebrate the New Year in Thailand.

Every April, Chiang Mai becomes a water war zone, with people of all ages carrying guns, water balloons and homemade water cannons. Thailand can be incredibly hot and humid in April (about 95 degrees Fahrenheit), so the frozen water fight is a welcome relief. Just make sure you’re prepared if you’re planning to visit Chiang Mai in mid-April.

3. Hanami — Japan, spring

Perhaps because life is fleeting, it is also beautiful. You can’t capture the best moment of your favorite song because as soon as you stop it, the music stops. Similarly, Hanami is a spring festival across Japan where people party and enjoy the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms.

Japanese sakura trees are famously beautiful but short-lived. Instead of keeping the hanami outings pointless, just enjoy the beauty while they can. At Hanami, you can hear the jingling of tea sets paired with delicious Japanese sweets as soft pink and white petals lazily wave in the breeze. Japan is a thin but long country where spring flows from north to south. If you’re going to try and catch the sakura blossoms in their short window of tender time, make sure you time it right.

4. Tulip Time — Holland, Michigan, May 1-9

Holland is known for its beautiful tulips and Tulip Time is their annual celebration of these colorful flowers. More than six million flowers transform the landscape, painting it with so many colors that it rivals Holi. So pack your corks and book a trip to Amsterdam — wait, where is this again? Michigan? Huh.

So pack your corks and book a trip to Holland, Michigan, USA. Like the Japanese sakura, tulips have a relatively short flowering period compared to other plants. Tulip Time is a great way to get some spring color, especially if international travel isn’t out of the question this spring. As an added bonus, you can tell everyone to visit Holland!

5. Cimburijada — Bosnia, March 21

Do you like eggs? I mean, do you really like eggs? If your answer is yes, then consider traveling to Bosnia on March 21. Across the country, Bosnians celebrate the arrival of spring with the Milk Egg Festival. Yes, milk egg connoisseurs have finally had their time to shine.

Traditionally, Bosnians will head to a nearby river to break their morning fast. You’ll hear the screeching of cast iron pans and smell fresh coffee as the sun shines on the moving water. In Bosnia, eggs symbolize new life and the promise of warm weather as the sun returns to its high position in the sky. People will be handing out free scrambled eggs all morning, so bring your appetite.

6. Falles — Spain, March 1-19

Poached eggs and flowers are certainly nice, but if you’re looking for something a little more edgy, head to Spain this spring. Fallas is a festival commemorating Saint Joseph and the Spring Equinox. It’s loud, and it’s fun, and, most notably, it’s smoky. Patrons build puppets or puppets, sometimes en masse, called ninots, which are often gossipy and satirical in nature. These figures parade through street parties before falling into the roaring flames of the night.

Partygoers dress up in colorful costumes, dance and drink during the festival. Although the entire festival takes place from the beginning of March, the main events are held over five days from 14-19. You can enjoy delicious Spanish tortillas and sip cups of deliciously sweet melted chocolate.

7. Rio Carnival — Brazil, February 17-22

Falls may seem like child’s play to you. Definitely a great festival, but are you looking for a bigger and louder sound? Well, when it comes to festivals, few are bigger or louder than Brazil’s Rio Carnival. Carnival is a Christian festival with pagan roots held every year before Lent. It is also literally called “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

While there are carnivals all over the world, Rio’s carnival steals the show. More than two million people flood the streets of Rio de Janeiro to dance, sing and drink for almost a week. Dancers from different schools of samba dance around in helmets in spectacular floats at mass events. Samba dancers are ornate and expressively dressed, putting on shows for which they train year-round. The explosive music, joyful cheer and lively atmosphere are unique and unforgettable. That is, of course, if you don’t drink too much while you’re there.

8. Wildflower Blooms — California, Spring

California’s environment gets a lot of buzz for its notorious wildfires and growing arid deserts. However, there is a good time from late February to early April when California’s rolling hills are in bloom. It doesn’t happen every year, but when the conditions are right, wildflowers cover the hills for miles in a variety of spectacular colors.

Gazing at the tapestries of wildflowers, lupines, daisies and the aptly named Indian paintbrush, your eyes are drawn to the pleasing colors. The smells of spring permeate the air in the mild weather of a California spring. Although the flowers do not have a specific festival associated with them, they provide a good opportunity to enjoy local food and wine.

Party around the world

Winter is often one of the hardest seasons for anyone to endure. Lack of warmth and sunlight can take a real toll on your mental health. However, this is not news. humans endure winter for countless generations. The return of spring has been celebrated and honored by people all over the world throughout history.

Many cultures have created festivals to celebrate the changing of the seasons, often based on natural phenomena such as the blooming of flowers. Some of these events and festivals can be enjoyed around the world, but some are inherently tied to their physical location. If you want to celebrate the renewal of life, plan a trip and pack your bags for these eternal celebrations of life.

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