7 Celebrities Who Haven’t Improved With Age

Life is not easy for anyone. Especially if we take a look at how old people are, when we look at celebrities and what has happened over time, we realize that there is no fountain of youth.

Thus, life takes its toll on the rich and famous as well as on each of us. In this way, these celebrities have had to go through the ageing process like all human beings and in many cases, the result is not as attractive as when they were in their prime. But beauty will always be in the eyes of each of the spectators. In this way, in this article, we are going to point out those people who have very successful careers and who despite their old age, talent has not diminished.

We will go through the misfortune of Johnny Depp or the weight gain of Val Kilmer. We show you the ageing stars that are often unrecognizable!

How the main celebrities have aged.

The price of ageing takes its toll around the world and the celebrations are not going to be less, some of these famous people are the following:

1- Val Kilmer

This hot male celebrity started on stage and then performed. The first panel that went up to the screen was with a very young Michel Pfeiffer in 1983 and a special at the ABC school.

He would later star in Top Gun alongside another of the hottest celebrities like Tom Cruise in the mid-’90s. He even competed with Michael Hutchence to play Jim Morrison in the Blockbuster movie about the band The Doors. Without a doubt, his best role is the one he played in the Heat with Robert de Niro and Al Pacino.

But the years have not been very good for Val. Signs of his ageing tell us that he has put on weight, something that has made him disappear from both large and small dishes. Afterwards, he surprised all of his followers on social media that he had undergone a huge change by losing around 165 pounds. Although one of the causes may be the battle against cancer that he has had to fight.

However, his career is not over. He has even starred in a play created by himself. There are even rumours that the Top Gun sequel is helping him get in shape.

2- Sally Struthers

she is one of the most famous female celebrities who won the hearts of Americans when she cast the role of Gloria Stivic in Norman Lear, all in the family. although she did not get it first, since the original actress was Candice Azarra, she abandoned him.

This character was known for his blonde pigtails and a defiant attitude when dealing with his father. From here on, things got easier for Sally, as she appeared in various television series.

However, Sally’s advanced age has not prevented her from continuing to work. The latest news from her tells us that she works to help needy and hungry children at the Christian Children’s Foundation. Also, in 2014 she participated in Hello, Dolly for her 50th anniversary.

Add to that her professional career as a voice actress playing Starvin Marvin on the television series South Park.

3- Mickey Rourke

is a superstar who started her career in 1982 with the movie Diner. But it wasn’t until 9 1/2 weeks and Angel Heart that his talent as a great actor and the willingness to tackle all kinds of taboo subjects in those roles was discovered.

These movies have boosted him as a good sex symbol with celebrity movies like Kim Bassinger and Lisa Bonet over the year. But in 1991, this short celebrity stopped acting in the big box for fighting in a boxing ring. In previous years, he had trained as a boxer, but his career was also short only 3 years.

In the 90s he returned to acting. Although his physical change was evident, his face was very damaged, but his great talent allowed him to work constantly playing misfit and misunderstood characters.

But his acting work continued in 2005 with Sin City with a great lead role. Another of his performances was on The Wrestler in 2009, where he won a Golden Globe and an Oscars nomination. According to celebrity news, he has undergone various surgeries over the past few years that have not given way to his natural beauty.

4- Kathleen Turner

one of the most famous women in the 80s, it was difficult not to see a movie of hers. She auditioned for performances on Body Heat, Prizzi’s Honor, Romancing the Stone, Peggy Sue Got Married, and The War of the Roses. Her fiery physique and her sexy look make her a good choice to play a fatal woman.

She was nominated for an Academy Award and won a Golden Globe for Best Actress. Also, she did the voiceover for Jessica Rabit.

But transforming her into an ordinary person was out of her control. During the 1990s she developed a disease, rheumatoid arthritis, which caused her to become paralyzed along with great pain, something that caused several changes in her lifestyle.

The strong medication she had to take from her caused her to gain weight. She also joined those celebrities with depression, which made her addicted to school to cope with the discomfort that she had. When she got over it, she had to play a good mother and grandmother.

Fortunately, according to celebrity gossip, that arthritis has been in remission in recent times and she appears in guest roles in various series.

5- Rupert Everett

he got his first role in Another Country as Julian Mitchell in 1984. His character was a gay student who went to an engineering school set in the 30s. Thanks to that he gained fame to play his bad and his physical attractiveness has made him a good candidate for films between the 80s and the 90s.

He even wanted to be part of those celebrities who wanted to be part of a list of pop stars with an album, Generation of Loneliness. But the public only saw him as a good actor. He won a BAFTA and a Golden Globe in 1997 for My Girlfriend’s Best Friend.

At present the face of this boy is unrecognizable. But, he continues to work as much as ever. A good example is Tim Burton’s The Home of Miss Peregrine and before all this, he articulated in Shrek and Chronicles of Narnia.

Now, in addition to giving an opinion on politics or social issues, such as marriage between people of the same kind or the decriminalization of the constitution, you can even write and publish two memoirs or the script.

6- Janice Dickinson

she was undoubtedly the first supermodel, although there are other opponents very worthy of her. But she has even been able to publish her memoir, No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World First Supermodel, which can back up those claims. But what if it is true, is that she is one of the most beautiful famous women of that generation.

She had worldwide success as a model in the 1970s and 1980s. She appeared on Top Model America on TV in 2003 to advise on new models.

Also, she runs her own modelling agency and hers worked for her on her TV, Janice has not resisted going under the knife and getting some fixes up.

But unfortunately, this idea was pretty bad. She hardly recognizes it after having been there. She had an appearance in the series Botched! where experts analyzed the damage to her appearance. In March 2016, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and from the news of fashionable celebrities, the treatment is going very well.

7- Johnny Depp

he is the most famous person in the world from the ’90s. His first role was with Oliver Stone, but his opportunity as a protagonist came from the side of Eduardo Scissorhands, which is considered a dark romance. Thanks to his youthful appreciation, along with the success of that role, he ensured they had many more throughout their careers.

His professional career has been very positive. Depp has worked with the best-known names in this business, such as Kate Moss, Alicia Keys or Winona Ryder. He has a total of two children with Vanessa Paradise.

He is a huge star, but he has not been able to stop the effect of time on his face. Depp’s box office demand is based on his acting talent, rather than his face because of the latest news. This has been nothing to get to be the highest-paid artist in 2012 or to be a Disney Legend in 2015. His films have grossed more than 8 billion dollars.

Today, celebrity news on People tells us that he is known for his legal troubles. The recent separation from Amber Heard was very shocking for those fans of the actor.


In conclusion, in this article, we have shown you the most important actors and models in the United States and that age has taken a toll on their beauty, we have told you how they started and what they do now, some in active duty and others away of the cameras.