6 important things you should know before visiting Argentina

If you’re planning to visit Argentina, you may be understandably excited to see its many fascinating sites, such as the stunning Iguazu Falls, as well as the states of Jujuy and Salta, which stand out for their awe-inspiring rock formations. .

However, you are advised to keep the following in mind before your departure: Here are some things you should know before visiting Argentina.

The official currency of Argentina

This currency is the Argentine peso and it would be good if you are in Argentina to have at least a small amount of pesos in physical cash.

in the article The journey awaitsTravel coach Heather Markel warns that “most people want to pay in cash,” and trying to withdraw pesos from the country’s ATMs can have random results, as those ATMs aren’t always reliable.

Argentinians speak Spanish… sort of

Cultural trip “In Argentina, like the rest of Latin America, they speak Spanish, but here it’s called Castellano.”

This version of Spanish is rooted in the country’s history, which has attracted large numbers of Italians and Spanish immigrants, meaning that Spanish people here are noticeably Italian-influenced.

Markel claims. “Be sure that if you talk about any version of it [Spanish] language, you will find your way.”

things to know before visiting Argentina
Photo by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Where to get free Wi-Fi?

You can enjoy a surprisingly good Wi-Fi connection even when traveling to Argentina. There are, for example, Silversea cruises where unlimited Wi-Fi is included in the passenger cabins of ships bound for Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, Buenos Aires itself has about 250 free Wi-Fi hotspots, according to Geekybar:which adds: “Many pubs, cafes and restaurants provide free Wi-Fi to customers.”

Where can you buy SIM cards and prepaid phone cards?

Prepaid cards are available from many tobacconists and newsagents, “stands”, as well as cyber cafes, otherwise known as “locutorios” in Argentina.

You can buy a local SIM card for your smartphone from a mobile phone retailer or kiosk. The main telephone networks in Buenos Aires are Movistar, Personal and Claro.

High availability of meat

It’s no stretch to say that Argentina can be a tough place to be if you’re vegetarian or vegan, as eating meat is very much a way of life in this South American country.

It’s inherently fancy at steakhouses, and any local you befriend may invite you to join them for a barbecue. In any case, the meat served in Argentina can be said to be one of the tastiest in the world.

Dogs are often left to roam

Except in major cities, people often let their dogs roam off-leash in Argentina. You may not see many of them with collars.

While these sharks are likely to be friendly if you pet them, they may also follow you. Markel remembers. “Once I had three dogs following me for a whole afternoon. They came with me on a hike and waited while I was going in and out of shops.”

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