5 reasons why this overlooked Asian destination should be on your radar

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When travelers set their sights on traveling to Asia, this often-overlooked country probably doesn’t come to mind.

Off the beaten track, away from the more popular Asian wonders like Tokyo, Bali and Bangkok, lies a beautiful country waiting to be discovered by many.

Statue of Genghis Khan in Mongolia

With new attractions and infrastructure ready to welcome the influx of travelers, Mongolia is a destination that should be on the radar of adventure seekers.

They are here 5 reasons to visit this distant destination.

Waiver of visa for 61 passports

Recently, the Mongolian government announced an additional 34 countries where tourists will not require an entry permit.

Most of those nations are in Europe, but the good news for Americans and Canadians is that they will be allowed to stay in the country for at least 30 days.

US passports – up to 90 days allowed

Canadian passports – up to 30 days allowed

Traveler with a US passport

The Mongolian government locked down the country during the COVID-19 pandemic and now wants to boost tourism.

That’s why they started the “Visit Mongolia” campaign of the year, which aims to bring 1 million tourists a year by 2025.

“We aim to receive up to 1 million tourists annually in Mongolia. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has declared 2024 as the year of tourism. Within this framework, an online platform “mongoliatravel.guide” is being developed to promote Mongolia abroad. Thus, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the platform will be presented to diplomatic missions, and the Prime Minister’s greetings will be given to every tourist who receives an e-visa,” – Minister of Environment and Tourism Bat-Ulzi Bat-Erdene.

More accessible with New Airport

After many delays over the years, the new Chinggis Khan International Airport has opened outside the capital Ulaanbaatar.

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airport in Mongolia

The other airport was much smaller and not able to handle as many tourists as the country is trying to attract.

The new airport will be able to accommodate approximately 3 million passengers, including new “budget” routes within Asia.

What may be even more exciting is that there are ongoing talks to launch direct flights to the US.

Nadam festival

Although Mongolia has never been a tourist hotspot, perhaps the most famous event is the annual Naadam Festival.

horse race at Naadam festival

Naadam is considered a national holiday due to its deep roots dating back to the reign of Genghis Khan.

This festival takes the audience back in time to the days of various wrestling, horse racing and archery competitions that Genghis Khan used to train his soldiers.

The festival is held in Ulaanbaatar and will be a hot ticket this year as it marks the 100th anniversary.

The highly anticipated event is being held on July 11 and is expected to be congested.

New museum in the capital

Although Mongolia has a tumultuous history, they proudly display their journey to become what they are today.

artifacts in the Mongolian Museum

The newly opened Chinggis Khan Museum in the capital provides a fresh insight into Mongolian history.

Approximately 10,000 important artifacts spanning 2,000 years of history are on display, taking visitors on a deep dive through the former Mongol Empire.

The museum has 8 floors and offers 6 permanent exhibits. An additional pair of exhibits will rotate.

English speaking tours are offered every weekend and the best part of it all is absolutely free.

A growing music festival scene

Travelers likely don’t have Mongolia on their list when it comes to the latest music festivals to attend.

crowd at a music festival

There is a growing music scene with international bands and major DJ events such as:

  • Spirit of the Gobi
  • Game time
  • INTRO Electronic music festival
  • Kharkhorum 360 Visual Art & Music Experience

Of course, it’s not just about attracting international talent. Mongolia boasts its own emerging music scene of local artists, from folk singers to rappers.

Mongolian musicians are also taking the stage, making Mongolia one of the most underrated destinations for up and coming artists.

Authentic experiences

Although Mongolia has high hopes for tourism, that doesn’t mean they have to change. There are many authentic experiences to be had for tourists.

One hands-on cultural experience is learning archery, one of the country’s oldest sports.

Archery in Mongolia

Those who want to learn this intensive skill can join an academy where they will attend sessions from local experts.

Another way to immerse yourself in Mongolian culture is to learn about an increasingly popular ancient tradition Mongolian bichig.

This is the understanding of the original Mongolian script, which is built from top to bottom and is read from left to right.

Expert calligraphers at the Erdenesin Khure Mongolian Calligraphy Center in Karakoram teach visitors about Mongolia’s pastime through its unique script.

Many enjoy traditional yurts filled with art displays by local calligraphers and artists.

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