5 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Lawyer

In what cases is it better to contact a lawyer?

Almost every day people are confronted with legal transactions, sometimes without even realizing it. Went to the supermarket and bought a chocolate bar? Now you have a legal transaction – you have concluded a contract of sale with the supermarket. But in this case, you can wonderfully voporytysya themselves, but in what kind of situations is better to refer to a lawyer?

1- Buying real estate

Is it worth telling how many people suffer from property purchases every day, losing their property and money? Because of the unscrupulous people and “black” notaries can in one fell swoop to get the money you put down for the apartment for many years, or worse – took a loan on it from the bank. But it was worthwhile to check the legality of the agreement beforehand, through a lawyer, the seller’s apartment or the house.

2- Signing contracts

It seems that these agreements are asked to sign absolutely everywhere, whether it is a travel company, bank, employer or auntie Rosa from whom you rent the apartment. Of course, to read ten pages written in not quite understandable legal language – nobody wants to and does not undertake.

So just leave it for the people, which lay out on the lists of your rights, duties and risks in this contract. Before you sign, ask for a moment to review and negotiation of the contract with your lawyer. You will wonder how many untoward consequences you can avoid.

3- Appeal to the court

Of course, most people seek the help of a lawyer when they are faced with a legal appeal. But there are those who are bold enough to read on the forum “everything is simple and understandable: you write a statement saying that they are wrong and you are right, and argue it all with reference to the Constitution.

That is exactly what you should not do, because the result of such a judicial appeal will be zero. Also for the court fee for free.

4- Registration of such a business

When you decide to start their own business, consult with a lawyer, how best to register (FOP, TOV, TDV or other). What taxation system will be suitable in your case? How do I hire employees? What kind of agreement must be prepared in order to protect yourself from unscrupulous clients?

How to participate in tenders and what sanctions can be applied to you, if somehow you conduct unregistered activities? All of these questions are very important, so without a lawyer – no way.

5- Know your rights

Mother of children whose father does not pay alimony, the customer who was sold the wrong products, the grandmother, who pension fund underestimated ten years of service and now her pension is 20% lower than it should be. Many people encounter similar situations and do not even suspect that their rights have been violated and the situation can be corrected.

It is impossible for a person without legal education or practice to know all their rights, so in the contacts of your mobile phone necessarily must be the number of a lawyer who will tell you how to properly respond to the situation in which your rights were violated.