4 Days in Scotland Itinerary: Castles, mountains & mythical creatures

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Desperate to visit Scotland but completely lost on where to start? Check out our 4 days in Scotland itinerary, with multiple options to help you plan your trip. 

Flag of Scotland and view of Loch ness
Loch Ness Scottish Highlands: 4 days in Scotland

Scotland is known as a country of rolling hills and breathtaking landscapes. From the rugged highlands to the picturesque lochs, Scotland is a country of beauty and adventure. When visiting this country, you can explore its vast array of historical sites, take in its majestic scenery, and sample delicious whisky at the distilleries.

Use this thought-out Scotland itinerary 4 days (or one of the extra options) to help you plan your own trip to this charming country. 

4 Days in Scotland Itinerary: At a glance

4 day Scotland itinerary

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