360° 3D

A 360-degree view of an AI-generated 3D city.

Now you can create an interactive 3D landscape using AI. All that’s needed is a tip describing the scenery, etc. Above is an example we created using promptan alpine town with tall towers surrounded by green meadows and snow-capped mountains” and the “Modern Computer Animation” style setting. This is absolute common sense.

You can try it yourself at https://www.blockadelabs.com

Remixing styles

360 degree view reimagined in a new style.

Then we remixed it in a SciFi style without changing the prompt. You can also check it out at https://skybox.blockadelabs.com/7f7ea6dc9c003ec2856b507e471f60d3… by the way, this is the link the app gave us to share. And the interactive version of the above is that the link is just used as the source (src) of the iframe.


Cue Remix

A 360-degree panorama of an AI-generated winter landscape.

And finally, we remixed the same landscape into a “snow-covered alpine town in winter surrounded by meadows and snow-capped mountains” and Fantasy Landscape style. You can play with the result here https://skybox.blockadelabs.com/f3b673a8934dd9ba455b53684e588103

Source link