15 things you need to know when traveling to Taiwan for the first time

Known as the Land of Islands, Taiwan is located next to the southeast coast of mainland China, bordering the Pacific Ocean, so it has more than 20 romantic islands. Perhaps this is the special point that creates an attraction for tourists when traveling to Taiwan.

Taiwan tourism has fully opened to welcome you to visit the peaceful and beautiful island country.

Keep 15 things you need to know for your first time trip to Taiwan to help you have a smooth trip and lots of experiences.

1. Visa

Must know things in Taiwan

Conditional Visa Waiver – Travel enthusiasts can easily come to Taiwan with an e-Visa (e-Visa – apply online) very easily, less than 5 minutes you now have a 14-day Taiwan tourist visa.

2. Wifi connection

Taiwan has free Wi-Fi coverage everywhere in the major cities, but in order not to interrupt your trip due to poor Wi-Fi connection, you need to prepare a wifi transmitter or card phone to use 4G.

3. Transport

Must know things in Taiwan

You don’t need to worry too much because the public transportation in Taiwan is very developed and convenient, you can use subway (MRT), train (TRA), bus, taxi or rent a motorbike or bicycle to move around the inner city. (Ubike) and for suburban travel by High Speed ​​Rail (HSR)

4. Pay for everything

Language spoken in Taiwan

The Easy card can pay for many services, such as transport (including all means of transport), shopping in supermarkets, paying for milk tea, paying in all shops. in convenience stores, rent bikes (Ubike), make donations, top up, buy movie tickets, .. and especially you can also get 5-15% discount for every transaction with Easy card.

5. Accommodation

Must know things in Taiwan

Pay attention to the selection of hotels near the subway station or night market for easy transportation and dining, download the Traveloka app to help you find hotels in the desired area at the final price at no extra charge. fees and there are also many cumulative discount codes to help you save the most.

6. There is no public trash can

To ensure the urban landscape and protect the environment, it is extremely difficult to find public trash cans in Taiwan, you can store your trash and go to train stations. electricity or night market areas.

7. No food, no noise while traveling by train

Must know things in Taiwan

All people will not be allowed to eat or drink on all vehicles (except on certain permitted trains) to ensure general hygiene and to avoid excessive talking. is large and affects the people around.

8. Queuing culture and crowd effects

Always line up on the right when going on an escalator, the left lane will be the way for people behind to get on. In restaurants, if there are a lot of people queuing in front, it is also considered a delicious and worth trying restaurant.

9. Lost items

Must know things in Taiwan

If you forget to leave things in public places or in cars or trains, you just need to go to the nearest police station for support to check the camera to find your lost things, a way to help you. faster and always capture the taxi license plate every time you move.

10. Shops open late

Best things to do in Taiwan 2020 Nightlife.

Most shops in Taiwan will open after 11am, so you should consider planning and adjusting your visit schedule accordingly.

11. Rent a motorbike to visit

Must know things in Taiwan

Most of the big train stations in front of the house will rent motorbikes, it makes it more convenient for you to visit and have many interesting discoveries for your trip.

12. Security everywhere

In the railway stations of the abandoned areas, you will see the sign “safe area for you when traveling alone” in this place, you will be watched by security cameras and timely support if there is a problem, in addition, in long-distance buses, safety instructions will always be given to help you quickly know how to cope and protect your life.


13. Airport

Taoyuan International Airport has 2 terminals, so you need to specify your airline to know which terminal you will be flying to and landing at. For Terminal 1: Vietjet air, Vietnam Airlines, China Airlines, China Airlines, Jetstar, Mandarin Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Air asia, Korean Air, Thai Airways, Scoot,… and Terminal 2: EVA air, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines , Xiamen Airlines, Hongkong Airlines, Japan Airlines,…

14. Drop-shipping

Automated delivery agents are available at the airport and all MRT or train stations, you can leave your luggage to move more smoothly, payment can be done in dong. , banknotes and even Easy cards.

15. Pet friendly country


Don’t be too surprised when you happen to see a dog or a cat lying in a baby’s stroller, especially in Taiwan, pets are very much cherished. Pets are welcome in many restaurants and shops.

Packing Ideas for Taiwan

We hope that with the above list of 15 must-haves for a first-time trip to Taiwan, you will have the links for your dream vacation in Taiwan.

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