10 Ways to Improve Your Career Mindset

What mindset do you need to adopt to advance in your career? Dr. Maurice Duffy, renowned mindset power expert and elite coach, explains 10 ways you can improve your career mindset.

Most people recognize that doing things better and faster is the foundation of sustainable competitive advantage in business today.

But the question for your career is always where to focus. What horses to take back? What makes you a winning proposition? What are the things that hold you back?

In the coaching I do with serious business leaders, international sports stars, success is, in the words of the very famous coach Yogi Berra, “90% mental and the other half physical.”

Well, let me give you a silver bullet to your career success.

Mindset is everything, and if you don’t consciously adopt a mindset, it is subconsciously adopted for you. This is another way of looking at where your thinking goes, your energy goes, and your success or failure follows.

As you adapt to an open mind in your career, you will reinforce the mindset and it will become second nature

Whether you’re talking about career success, starting your own business, or wanting to become a sports star, having the right mindset can be the difference between success and failure.

A fixed mindset assumes that our intelligence, character, and creativity are static. Basically you are dealt a hand in life and now you are required to accept it. Believing that your qualities are set in stone, there is a desire to prove yourself again and again. A fixed mindset can lead to career stagnation.

A growth mindset, on the other hand, is based on the idea that your essential qualities are things that you can develop through your own efforts. It correctly assumes that everyone can change and grow through experience and practice. A growth mindset sees failure not as the opposite of success, but as part of success.

As you adapt to an open mind in your career, you will reinforce the mindset and it will become second nature. You will feel inspired and inspire others. It can also help you see the positive side of every situation, help you adapt, and encourage you to be successful in your career.

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Here are some tips to improve your career mindset…

#1 Review your professional goals

Having professional goals can really help you advance your career. If you’re bored with life and don’t wake up every morning with a burning desire to do something, you don’t have big enough goals.

The problem with not aiming big enough is that you can spend your life running up and down the pitch and never score, and 2023 is just a repeat of 2022.

#2 Hold on to the past

Stop dwelling on what happened in your mind. It’s done! The past is a place of reference, not a residence. Learn and move forward. Stop waiting for an apology that will never come. Stop repeating the “What ifs” in your mind.

#3 Throw your hat in the ring

Want a promotion? Say so. And then do the work to prepare. Take risks to succeed. The only limit you have to deal with is the limit of your thinking.

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#4 Ask for solid feedback to drive real growth

Track how you perform. Asking for feedback can be extremely beneficial for personal growth, and it brings with it learning opportunities.

Just make sure you are ready to listen to criticism. if you become combative or defensive, people may not be as willing to give you feedback in the future.

#5 Learn Repeat Learn

To learn, you must not learn. Don’t just be curious. Practice to learn and be prepared to adapt.

#6 Post it note

Write your two goals for the day on your bathroom vanity and keep them short. One this will be my learning focus today. This will be my unlearning focus today.

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#7 Be present in everything you do

Tell your critical brain and the chatty monkey in your brain to shut up, and if you’re in the room, be in the room. This will seriously help you focus on learning, engagement skills and improve your relationships.

#8 Make new connections

Get out there and get involved! People think of networking as finding people who can help them. No, it’s in giving that you receive. It’s networked

#9 Improve your to-do list

Stop writing down the 100 things you need to do. Write down the top ten and then prioritize the top three things that will make an impact.

Do them now! Do them first. Make sure they stretch us and provide learning opportunities.

#10 Create your personal brand

Your personal brand is a reflection of you, your experience and the knowledge you possess. If you don’t have a brand, it’s time to start building it.

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