10 cool iPhone hacks you didn’t know about

How to turn your smartphone into a super-gadget with scanner, camera, magnifier and more functions?

The battle between iOS and Android fans seems like it will never end. But fans of the latter must admit that “iPhones” are beautifully constructed: underneath the minimalist design and shell hides a lot of features that allow you to replace larger gadgets.

Catch 10 iPhone features you probably didn’t know about

1- Screenshot an entire web page

Making a screenshot of a long article in the usual way is inconvenient: a million screenshots, and your finger gets tired too. It’s easier to save the whole page.

Take a screenshot as usual (press the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time), but before saving choose “Entire page” instead of “Screen”, and then save it to files or to PDF.

2- Hide a thousand photos in one fell swoop

Someone asks you for your phone and you urgently need to hide all the dirt in the gallery? There’s nothing easier.

Pick the pics you want to hide, hit “Share,” then scroll down and hit “Hide” (the icon with the eye). Done!

3- Turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass

If you have poor eyesight and constantly have to read the fine print on cans, this feature will come in handy.

Go to Settings, then Universal Access, then Magnifier, then Enable. Now your camera will read even very small letters. You can start the function by pressing the “Home” button three times.

4- Scan a document

You don’t need to buy a bulky printer with scanner function: the document itself and your iPhone camera are enough.

Open “Notes”, make a new document and select the camera icon – that’s your scanner. The quality is as good as a professional one: the smartphone itself straightens the picture if it was taken at a crooked angle, and improves the colors.

5- Zoom in one part of the screenshot

Are you taking a screenshot just to show your girlfriend what dream earrings look like? No need to explain on your fingers: take a screenshot and immediately highlight what you want.

Take a screenshot as usual and click the plus sign in the bottom right corner. Select “Magnifier” and point it at the spot you want to highlight by moving your fingers back and forth.

6- Find the word in the Safari tab

This is easy to do on your computer by applying CTRL + F, but not as obvious as finding a word on your phone.

Open the tab, then click the “Share” button. There will be a “Find on page” option at the bottom.

7- Quickly delete numbers in “Calculator.”

You don’t have to re-type the numbers if you accidentally typed the wrong one. Just swipe left or right at the top of the screen and the last one will be deleted.

8- Open an accidentally closed tab in Safari

Accidentally closed the right page? No problem!

Long press the “+” at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll get a list of all the recently opened tabs.

9- Filters without Instagram

If you’re not using these filters, you probably just don’t know about them. Because if you did, you’d use them on every photo – they’re so cool!

Open the photo, click “Edit”. There will be an icon of three circles at the bottom – click on it and you’ll get a selection of filters: some warm, bright, cool, and black and white.

10- Stop music or video on a timer

For those who are used to falling asleep to music or TV series, but don’t want to leave the phone on at night.

Open “Clock,” and select the “Stop” option in “When Finished.”